How to use a water hose splitter | The Complete Guide

Have you ever tried to water your garden and wash the car simultaneously? It might seem like an impossibility if you have one faucet. Fortunately, it shouldn’t be an issue when using a two-way connector or a splitter. Otherwise, you’d have to complete one task before embarking on the other.

A water hose splitter will save the day by connecting several hoses to a water faucet. The hose on either side operates independently, and this makes it easier to use one without disconnecting the other. It lets you do several activities at the same time effortlessly.

Additionally, it saves you time since you do your outdoor activities sooner. Here, we look at how to use a water hose splitter. Keep reading.


For starters, the installation process is easy and straightforward. It takes a few minutes to have your water hose splitter working. The good news is that there is no need for tools and you only need your hands to fix.

The preparation stage is easy since you’ll only need to order a high-quality water hose splitter and have your garden hoses ready.

The best splitter is made of durable corrosion-resistant material and one that doesn’t allow leaks. Although plastic splitters are cheap, they are less durable and prone to cracks and leakage.

Choose one with large handles so that you can have a comfortable and firm grip during installation. Also, shop for the right size, and in this case, a universal device is a good option since it will match with any spigot. Once you have everything ready, the next step is the installation.

Installation process

The set-up is done in two steps. The first step is to attach the valve to the outdoor faucet. The second step is to connect the garden hose to each opening of the valve. Use your hand to tighten the valve since tools such as pliers can damage the valve and the garden hose.

After connecting the garden hose, the set-up is now complete. For you to control the water flow on either side, turn the handles to 90 degrees. At the same time, ensure the inward is turned on, and the outwards is off. Initially, you may find the handles tight or rigid, and you can spray with some oil or lubricant.

Channel the water

After installation, you can now channel the water in any direction using a garden hose. Whether it’s watering the garden, cleaning the car, the patio or the deck, the process will be easy now.


That’s an easy process, right? Yes, it’s a simple process that makes life easier. Therefore next time you need to water your garden, clean the garage, or wash your car, get yourself a water hose splitter. Since you don’t need any tools during installation, the process will be easy.



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