Top 10 Best Lawn Roller – Complete Expert’s Guide

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We all want our landscapes to look great. While proper lawn maintenance routines can make the grass look greener and nicer on your side of the fence, the tasks involved are both laborious and time-intensive.

Fortunately, you don’t have to break your back simply because you want to spruce up your lawn.

Using specialized equipment such as dethatchers and lawn rollers, you can quickly and effortlessly tame that rugged look and turn your yard into a sanctuary where you can relax and unwind.

Are you having a hard time finding the best lawn roller?

Worry not, we did intensive research and rounded up the ten best models in the market.

Check them out!

10 Best Lawn Roller Reviews of 2021 – Comparisons

Budget Friendly
Brinly PRC-24BH Tow Poly Lawn Roller
Brinly PRC-24BH Tow Poly Lawn Roller
Editor Choice
Agri-Fab 18-Inch x 36-Inch Poly Tow Lawn Roller
Agri-Fab 18-Inch x 36-Inch Poly Tow Lawn Roller
Our Top Pick
Ohio Steel 60T Pro Steel (Filled with Water)
Ohio Steel 60T Pro Steel (Filled with Water)
Toro Lawn Striping System Toro Lawn Striping System
Agri-Fab 45-0267 18- by 24-Inch Poly Push/Tow Lawn Roller Agri-Fab 45-0267 18- by 24-Inch Poly Push/Tow Lawn Roller
Brinly PRT-48SBH 485-Pound Tow Behind Poly Lawn Roller Brinly PRT-48SBH 485-Pound Tow Behind Poly Lawn Roller
Agri-Fab 18-Inch x 36-Inch Poly Tow Lawn Roller Agri-Fab 18-Inch x 36-Inch Poly Tow Lawn Roller
Brinly PRT-36BH 690-Pound Tow Behind Poly Lawn Roller Brinly PRT-36BH 690-Pound Tow Behind Poly Lawn Roller
Brinly PRT-36SBH 390-Pound Tow Behind Poly Lawn Roller Brinly PRT-36SBH 390-Pound Tow Behind Poly Lawn Roller
Bon Tool 84-203 24-Inch by 18-Inch Diameter Steel Salt and Lawn Roller Bon Tool 84-203 24-Inch by 18-Inch Diameter Steel Salt and Lawn Roller

Benefits of Using a Lawn Roller

If you are new to homeownership or you are not a landscaping guru, the chances are that you know little about landscaping tools. Well, a lawn roller is a unique tool designed to help you flatten and smoothen your lawn’s surface and make it firmer.

This is a must-have tool for all homeowners. It comes in handy when you want to give your lawn a professional look and generally boost its aesthetics.

Here are the benefits of investing in a well-constructed lawn roller.

Expedite Germination

Have you ever wondered why your grass seems to grow faster each time you hire experts to reseed the bare areas?

Well, the lawn roller is the secret behind the fast rate of germination. When you use it right after reseeding, it ensures the seeds stick firmly in the soil for a stronger and healthier root system.

Enhanced Soil Drainage

Leveling out the surface of your lawn automatically improves the drainage. It makes it easier for water to seep into the ground or get channeled to the desired areas. This ultimately reduces the risk of having pools and puddles in various areas of your yard.

Reduced the Risk of Soil Erosion

Yes, your lawn roller will also aid in soil erosion prevention. Simply by ensuring proper drainage, the risk of having runoff water that can wash away the topsoil is reduced by half. Compressing the soil and making your ground firm also ensures that everything remains intact during the rainy season.

Enhance your Lawn’sAesthetics

Let’s face it, even if your turf is healthy, your yard will still look a little chaotic if the surface is not leveled. Using your lawn roller, you can flatten the surface and clear out bumps to give your yard a proper facelift.

Revitalize the Overall Health of Your Lawn

Water is life. Leveling out your lawn increases the odds of water getting to all areas without any hindrance. This is a sure recipe for ensuring that your grass and other vegetation within your yard will thrive.

10 Best Lawn Roller Reviews

The first thing people notice when they set foot into your compound is the state of your lawn. This is the area that makes a positive or negative impression of your property.

If you need a lawn roller to help you give your landscape a neat and manicured appearance, check out these top 10 models.

Brinly PRC-24BH 270-Pound Combination Push/Tow Poly Lawn Roller

Brinly PRC-24BH 270-Pound Combination Push/Tow Poly Lawn Roller
Brinly PRC-24BH 270-Pound Combination Push/Tow Poly Lawn Roller
Brinly PRC-24BH 270-Pound Combination Push/Tow Poly Lawn Roller

Let’s begin our review with a lawn roller I have tried and tested in my yard. I have used a couple of other rollers in the past, and I can attest that this one does an exemplary job at leveling the surface and preventing drainage and soil erosion concerns. One of the key reasons why it works perfectly for me is because it serves as both a tow-behind and pushes lawn roller. With this equipment, you can do more than just achieve flat surfaces with minimal effort. The tool also erases damage caused by moles. It has a capacity of 28 gallons for excellent pressing power.

This tool has an easy-to-use design. You are assured of smooth movements when pushing or towing it, and this makes it easy to flatten rugged grounds. A feature I genuinely like about this tool is that it has rounded drum ends. They ensure smooth turns, so it is highly unlikely that your lawn will end up getting damaged during a project. Moreover, there is a scrapper that clears out the dirt for swift movements.

Filling the tool is also a no brainer. There is a large filler cap, not to mention that the roller itself has an extra-large diameter. This makes filling and emptying it super easy. Don’t get me wrong, this tool has a compact design, and this means it consumes minimal storage space.

Toro Lawn Striping System

Toro Lawn Striping System
Toro Lawn Striping System
Toro Lawn Striping System

No kidding, it is the modern age, and even lawn roller designs are evolving rapidly. If you want a sturdy machine that can also help you create the kind of stripes and patterns that you only see on golf courses, you should consider investing in the Toro Striping System.This is one of the best rollers/striping systems in the market that is designed to attach to the majorities of push, self-propelled and residential walk-behind lawnmowers. In other words, you have a tool that allows you to mow and stripe your lawn at the same go– super easy!

Moreover, you have the option of using the equipment with or without a bagger. Either way, you can give your lawn and professional look and ball-park quality aesthetics.Because this is a relatively small-sized and lightweight roller, storing it will not be a problem. For the best working experience and to ensure the tool achieves the desired weight, you need to fill it up with 16-20 pounds of sand.The exclusive comb of this roller gives it an edge because it enhances the outcome of the stripes. One pass is enough to leave your lawn looking neat, tidy, and well-groomed.

And the best part is that the tool is made from heavy-duty polymer and has tubular steel construction for enhanced efficiency and durability. The only downside we noted is that adding the filler is not easy because the hole is somewhat small.

Agri-Fab 18-Inch x 36-Inch Poly Tow Lawn Roller

Agri-Fab 18-Inch x 36-Inch Poly Tow Lawn Roller
Agri-Fab 18-Inch x 36-Inch Poly Tow Lawn Roller
Agri-Fab 18-Inch x 36-Inch Poly Tow Lawn Roller

Our tests concluded that this roller has the best overall design. If you want to give your yard a leveled, smooth, and visually appealing look, this is a tool that will come in handy. It can be filled with an impressive 400 pounds of water or sand. Don’t worry about the weight; you can always attach it to a tractor for easy pulling.

With this tool, one pass is enough to get rid of rough and uneven areas that can turn your yard into an eyesore. Better still, it presses mole holes under the weight to clear out surface imperfections.This is a tool designed to pass the test of time. It is made from sturdy and durable materials that make it resistant to not just rust, but also dents and other forms of damage. In case you are not new to using lawn rollers, I’m sure you have a good understanding of the benefits of choosing a model made from polyethylene.

Moreover, this lawn roller is powder backed. This enhances its protection from damage. The construction material also ensures that it is lightweight and easy to transport and store when empty. Unlike a decent number of rollers that make the filling and emptying the drum a nightmare, this one has a removable drain plug. This is a feature that simplifies the process of adding or removing the filling. In other words, this is a handy tool designed to make it super easy to give your lawn a facelift.

Brinly PRT-48SBH 485-Pound Tow Behind Poly Lawn Roller, 18 by 48-Inch

Brinly PRT-48SBH 485-Pound Tow Behind Poly Lawn Roller, 18 by 48-Inch
Brinly PRT-48SBH 485-Pound Tow Behind Poly Lawn Roller, 18 by 48-Inch
Brinly PRT-48SBH 485-Pound Tow Behind Poly Lawn Roller, 18 by 48-Inch

The Brinly PRT-48SBH 485-Pound lawn roller may not be the smallest model on our list. However, it is definitely the easiest to use, especially on more extensive lawns. I mean, one swift roll through your turf is enough to repair damage caused by mole holes and give your surfaces a more leveled appearance.

Even though this tool is big, it is lightweight, and this allows easy storage when it is not in use. When it is in use, you can expect the best working experience because of features such as the round edges.

They ensure that the machine is easy on your turf and still does an outstanding job sprucing up the aesthetics of your yard.

Then again, this model has a scraper bar. It ensures easy movements by preventing dirt buildup during a project. Another impressive feature is the large filler cap that makes it fast and easy to fill or drain water or sand from the drum.

Something else that cannot go without mentioning is that this tool boosts of rugged and robust construction. It is made from high-end materials that make it less prone to getting deformed over time. For the price, you are guaranteed of a machine that can serve you for years.

This is an undeniable powerhouse that reduces the time and energy needed to level your lawn and free it of unwanted bumps. It has a 54-gallon capacity and a 48-inch wide frame that all play a role in enhancing the delivered performance prowess.

Agri-Fab 45-0267 18- by 24-Inch Poly Push/Tow Lawn Roller

Agri-Fab 45-0267 18- by 24-Inch Poly Push/Tow Lawn Roller
Agri-Fab 45-0267 18- by 24-Inch Poly Push/Tow Lawn Roller
Agri-Fab 45-0267 18- by 24-Inch Poly Push/Tow Lawn Roller

We promised to list down the best lawn rollers, so it’s hard not to review another impressive model from Agri-Fab Inc. This is one of the leading manufacturers of lawn and garden tools in America. The Agri-Fab 45-0267 push or tow lawn roller is uniquely designed to make it effortless to level out rough and uneven lawn.Numerous aspects can impact the aesthetics of your lawn. Some of these aspects are inevitable, and that is why it is crucial to own a lawn roller. For instance, frost heaves and flooding can gradually make your lawn to lose its splendor and appear somewhat rugged.

This tool is a poly roller that features a scraper bar for easy maneuverability. It is crafted from top-grade polyethylene, a material that is not just durable but also resistant to rust and dents. The drum is big enough to hold about 250 pounds of water and sand. This provides adequate pressing power to clear out all kinds of imperfections on your lawn. During our tests, we noted that it is easier to fill the tank with water, although it is perfectly okay for you to use sand. Just like the Brinly PRT-48SBH, this model too features a fill plug that makes filling and emptying the drum a painless task. Because 250 pounds is a lot of weight, this roller also has a hitch so you can attach it to your tractor.Another feature that cannot go without mentioning is the in-built support disc that ensures excellent stability.

Brinly PRT-36BH 690-Pound Tow Behind Poly Lawn Roller, 24 by 36-Inch

Brinly PRT-36BH 690-Pound Tow Behind Poly Lawn Roller, 24 by 36-Inch
Brinly PRT-36BH 690-Pound Tow Behind Poly Lawn Roller, 24 by 36-Inch
Brinly PRT-36BH 690-Pound Tow Behind Poly Lawn Roller, 24 by 36-Inch

If you have a large lawn, here is a Brinly lawn roller that is guaranteed to warm your heart. The Brinly PRT-36BH is a tow-behind model that is designed for use with a puller or tractor. This is a heavy-duty machine that can hold a remarkable 76 gallons of sand or water for unrivaled pressing power. It also brags of 690 pounds capacity when filled. At the same time, it has a compact design that makes storage easy after use. If you want to level out outdoor surfaces to improve your drainage and smooth out unsightly bumps, you need a roller that has so much more than just incredible pressing power.

Among the best qualities of this model is that it has a durable construction that allows it to get the job done without sustaining any damages.If you are like the majority of property owners, then you may worry about causing more harm than good to your lawn when using a roller.Well, this roller has round edges that protect your turf from possible damage. This feature, coupled with the scraper bar, ensures easy turns and smooth maneuvering. The work involved when filling the drum with water or sand is quite simple. After all, the fill opening diameter of this tool is extra-large. From where I stand, I can confidently conclude that this is the best lawn roller for large lawns.

Agri-Fab 45-0269 Poly Tow Lawn Roller, 18 by 48-Inch (Pack of 4)

Agri-Fab 45-0269 Poly Tow Lawn Roller, 18 by 48-Inch (Pack of 4)
Agri-Fab 45-0269 Poly Tow Lawn Roller, 18 by 48-Inch (Pack of 4)
Agri-Fab 45-0269 Poly Tow Lawn Roller, 18 by 48-Inch (Pack of 4)

It takes some serious heavy lifting to maintain the aesthetics of your lawn. If your vegetation is in an excellent state and you even practice the best lawn care practices, yet your yard still appears shoddy, it could be that the surface is uneven. The Agri-Fab 45-0269 Poly is designed to help you get rid of bumps and unleveled areas for a more visually appealing lawn.

A roller can help level your lawn and make your soil more compact. This naturally ensures healthier root growth. Additionally, the tool can help you smooth out depressions and bumps to turn your lawn into a glorious sanctuary.

What makes using this model a pleasure is that it has a sturdy scraper bar that ensures smooth movements and quick completion of projects. The tool also features durable, rustproof construction, allowing you to take on tough tasks without sustaining any damages.

Then again, there is a hitch for attracting your roller to a tractor. Bear in mind that the tool can get quite heavy when filled with water or sand. It has a capacity of 550 lbs, so you are assured of plenty of pressing power.

From a professional perspective, I feel that lawn rollers are only as good as their ease of use. This model is designed to make the filling and emptying of the drum a breeze. Simply fill up the drum with your preferred filler, insert the plug, and voila! You are ready to roll.

Brinly PRT-36SBH 390-Pound Tow Behind Poly Lawn Roller, 18 by 36-Inch

Brinly PRT-36SBH 390-Pound Tow Behind Poly Lawn Roller, 18 by 36-Inch
Brinly PRT-36SBH 390-Pound Tow Behind Poly Lawn Roller, 18 by 36-Inch
Brinly PRT-36SBH 390-Pound Tow Behind Poly Lawn Roller, 18 by 36-Inch

The Brinly’s 390 lbs capacity lawn roller is a tow-behind model that is a perfect match for medium residential yards. Whether you want to pack down loose topsoil or ensure that your new sod has a healthy root system, this is a tool you may consider.

Truth be told, this is not one of those machines that have any outstanding or distinguishing features. Even so, its durable construction and performance make it stand out from the parades of flimsy and run-of-the-mill models that flood the markets.

And the rounded edges give this roller an advantage because it can turn smoothly without causing any damage to your lawn. It also comes with a scraper bar, which is another practical feature. And it scrapes off the debris to ensure smooth movements and fast completion of projects with minimal effort.

Our tests revealed that this is a quality and reliable product. On the other hand, reviews from users indicate that this is a pretty excellent and affordable choice for a mid-ranged lawn roller. Its key selling feature is its ability to swiftly get around tight corners, flower beds, and trees.

Another main selling point is the compact size of the unit for easy storage when it is not in use. This is a lightweight machine when empty, so transporting it to your desired storage area will not be a hassle. Better still, it comes with an extra-large filler cap that makes filling and draining the drum a piece of cake.

Ohio Steel 60T Pro Steel (Filled with Water), 24 x 60

Are you searching for the best steel lawn roller? Do you want to roll your lawn during the winter? If your answer is yes, then here is the best option to consider. The tank of this machine is well protected from harsh weather elements. It is insulated to prevent rusting and other common concerns caused by excessive cold.

The Ohio steel 60T Pro Steel is a top-quality lawn roller from one of the leading garden equipment manufacturers in the industry. It is a high-end model with a super durable construction that effortlessly withstands the abuse by tough, rocky soil as well as harsh winter conditions.

This model has more than a few serious bragging points, although the most obvious one is that it has a mind-blowing capacity of 1150 pounds. It is ideal for more extensive lawns, and it does an excellent job of leaving the soil leveled, bump-free, and tightly packed together.

Without debate, this is a heavy-duty lawn roller, a fact that is reflected by its quality of construction, performance attributes, and size. The huge capacity of the drum makes it a perfect companion when flattening the toughest terrain. With a single pass, you can make your surfaces more leveled and visually appealing.

The drum is 60 inches wide, and this naturally complements the pressing power of the machine. This is a unit that is designed to work twice as hard and as fast as standard lawn rollers.

Before purchase, you may want to note that the equipment should only be filled with water.This predisposes it to accumulate some level of moisture in the course of use. You must, therefore, ensure the drum is empty when it is not in use to avoid potential damage.

On the bright side, this unit boasts one of the best drainage mechanisms that clear out all moisture when the temperature falls below 32°F.

Bon Tool 84-203 24-Inch by 18-Inch Diameter Steel Salt and Lawn Roller

Bon Tool 84-203 24-Inch by 18-Inch Diameter Steel Salt and Lawn Roller
Bon Tool 84-203 24-Inch by 18-Inch Diameter Steel Salt and Lawn Roller
Bon Tool 84-203 24-Inch by 18-Inch Diameter Steel Salt and Lawn Roller

I like ending my reviews on a high note. Therefore, let’s check out what the Bon 84-203 lawn roller has to offer. Well, this is a machine that combines the smooth movements and versatility of smaller rollers with the unrivaled durability of steel rollers. It is the perfect unit for skilled or aspiring landscapers.

Let’s face it; the simplicity of the design of this model makes most people disapprove of it before they even understand the perks of its straightforward functionality. This unit pretty much resembles a humdrum, and it features a distinct green color. Besides its simple conventional design, its longevity is unmatched.

What stands out is that the entire breadth and length boasts of all-welded steel construction. We all understand that steel is not just sturdy but also resistant to elements that cause untimely degradation. You can hence expect your roller to last for decades without showing significant signs of damage.

Another excellent feature is the ergonomically designed U-shaped handle. It ensures maximum comfort when working, and consequently, quicker completion of projects.

With 24 by 18 inches dimensions, this unit is optimized for use on small and medium-sized lawns. Its compact profile makes navigating tight spots a breeze.

If you want the bells and whistles that make aesthetically appealing rollers, then this may not be the model for you. However, if you need a practical, affordable, and top-performing lawn mower, then you are not likely to find a better model in the market.

Things to Consider before Buying a Lawn Roller

How hard can it be to choose a lawn roller? It’s just a large hollow cylinder with a hitch for towing, right? Wrong. There is so much more to this tool that makes it crucial to keep a few key considerations in mind before money changes hands.


Just like the majority of landscaping tools, lawn rollers differ in not only their design and shape but also their size. A good number of consumer-grade models are between 24 and 36 inches wide. If you have a bigger yard, however, you can find units that are as wide as 48 inches.

When it comes to lawn rollers, a bigger unit attracts an extra fee. This makes it crucial to settle for a smaller product if you have a smaller yard.


Lawn rollers also differ when it comes to their weight. Some are as light as 50 pounds, while others can weight over 100 pounds when empty. Obviously, they get heavier when filled with water or sand.

When shopping, you need to consider the capacity of the product you choose. After all, this will play a significant role in dictating how effectively the roller will stamp down the soil to create more leveled surfaces.

A decent number of consumer-grade rollers have a 24-inch wide polyurethane drum that can hold about 28 gallons or 250 pounds of water approximately.

Bigger 48-inch drums have higher capacities and are typically made of steel. When filled with water, they can weigh an impressive 10000 pounds. Their weight makes it imperative for users to have a tractor.

Pulling Style

Lawn rollers are created differently in terms of their pulling style. While some models have pull/push handles and are ideal for hand use, others have a hitch that allows you to tow them using a mower or tractor. You can also find models that allow both operation styles.

It pays to consider your needs in detail before deciding on the pulling style that is most convenient. In the end, you merely need to avoid spending money on features you are not likely to use.

Construction Material

The durability of a lawn roller is an aspect that must not escape your attention. Bear in mind that these tools are subjected to extreme weight as well as constant exposure to damaging elements.

Typically, consumer-grade rollers are made from a sturdy, rust-resistant yet more affordable polyurethane plastic. It remains imperative to understand that while this material is sturdy, it is predisposed to losing its shape if it is exposed to the hot sun for extended periods.

High-end lawn rollers are, on the other hand, crafted using welded steel. They are more robust, heavier, and more durable when compared to their consumer-grade counterparts. However, they are also tougher on the wallet, and the steel could rust if exposed to moisture for extended periods.

Both construction materials have their perks and downsides. You merely need to choose your poison and gauge which option is more capable of matching your needs.

The Scraper Bar

Another feature that sets various models apart is the scraper bar. These are the bars that run across the exterior part of the drum and attach to the outer frame. They help to scrap out excessive debris and dirt from the roller.

Some models have scraper bars that are spring-loaded or adjustable. They are the best because they prevent the risk of getting stuck or facing mobility challenges.

Baffle Bar

The baffle bar of a lawn roller helps to ensure the maximum steadiness of the tool. This is that part that runs through the center of the main drum and enhances the overall structural stability of the roller.

Usually, steel drums will not have a baffler bar, so you will only find them on polyurethane drums. If you decide to buy a polyurethane roller, make sure it has a baffler bar or an internal support disc because it helps to reduce the odds of the tool losing its shape over time.

Hitch Pin

If you intend to tow your lawn roller using powered equipment, make sure you choose a unit that has a reliable hitch pin. This is a quick-connect feature that allows you to attach your roller to a tractor, ATV or mower.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked queries regarding the best lawn rollers:

How frequently should I use my lawn roller?

Rollers are indeed valuable lawn maintenance tools. However, you should only use them once each year. When used frequently, they can overly compact the grass and stress it. This causes issues like dead patches and anemic blade growth, among other concerns.

Do I need to fill the drum to the brim?

No. I recommend filling it to 25% and testing its weight. Of course, you can add more water or sand if need be. The idea is to ensure that the tool is heavy enough to level out the surfaces without crushing, killing, or causing irreversible damage to your plant life.

How do I prepare my lawn before using a roller?

Before using your unit, make sure your lawn is moist. Don’t get me wrong; it needs to be damp, not soaking wet. If the soil is overly saturated with water, the roller could over-compress the soil and reduce aeration.

Do I use water or sand?

The majority of rollers can be filled with either sand or water. Only a few models are specific about the type of filler that provides the best results.

Both filler materials are suitable, although they have their pros and cons. Water is readily available, even though it may not provide adequate weight to give the desired effects.

On the other hand, sand is expensive but heavier. While filling your roller with sand can help you level out your yard, you will also require more muscle or fuel to push the unit around.

When is the best time to use my roller?

I recommend rolling your lawn in Spring. You should avoid using the roller in winter or during stormy weather because this may damage not only your lawn but also your machine.

Final Words

Tidy and aesthetically appealing lawns don’t just happen. Whether you are a skilled landscaper or a complete gardening newbie, you need a robust set of tools to help you give your lawn a well-kept and manicured look.

If you need the best lawn roller, check out the top 10 models on our list. We have also compiled a comprehensive buying guide to help you with your selection.

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