Top 10 Best Digital Ballast Reviews Of 2024 – Complete Expert’s Guide!

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Whenever I look at present-day gardens, they appear stunning and lively. It seems as if they are all free from the seasonal and climatic changes around the year. But how did that come into being? Well, a fantastic scientific invention in the early 2000s made it possible; yes, I am talking about the hydroponic system.

It’s the most widely accepted way of growing garden without the interference of seasonal weather shifting. Nonetheless, for the proper functioning of the hydroponic system, you need to have the best digital ballasts attached to it.

Hence, I am going to present the top ten digital ballasts review of 2020 to facilitate you with an ever-growing garden at an affordable price-tag and void of much hardship.

10 Best Digital Ballast Reviews – Comparisons

Image Product Rating Price
Apollo Horticulture APL600 Apollo Horticulture APL600
Watt Option: 600 Watt
Check Price On Amazon
Editor Choice
VIVOSUN Hydroponic Grow Light
VIVOSUN Hydroponic Grow Light
Watt Option: 250 Watt, 600 Watt. 400 Watt
Check Price On Amazon
iPower600 Watt Digital Dimmable Electronic iPower600 Watt Digital Dimmable Electronic
Watt Option: 400w, 600w, 1000w
Check Price On Amazon
Apollo Horticulture Purple Reign Apollo Horticulture Purple Reign
Watt Option: 1000w
Check Price On Amazon
VIVOSUN 1000 Watt UL Listed Dimmable Electronic VIVOSUN 1000 Watt UL Listed Dimmable Electronic
Watt Option: 600w, 750w, 1000w
Check Price On Amazon
Hydroplanet Hydroponic 400 Watt HPS Mh Hydroplanet Hydroponic 400 Watt HPS Mh
Watt Option:  400W
Check Price On Amazon
SolisTekMatrix LCD 1000W SolisTekMatrix LCD 1000W
Watt Option: 1000w
Check Price On Amazon
Quantum 1000W Digital Ballast Quantum 1000W Digital Ballast
Watt Option: 1000w
Check Price On Amazon
Phantom PHB2010 Digital Ballast Phantom PHB2010 Digital Ballast
Watt Option: 1000w
Check Price On Amazon
TOPHORT 1000W Digital Dimmable Electronic Ballast TOPHORT 1000W Digital Dimmable Electronic Ballast
Watt Option: 400W 600W 1000W
Check Price On Amazon

1. Apollo Horticulture APL600 Hydroponic 600

I could not help myself but opening my review with this Apollo Horticulture 600watt ballasts for its user-friendly interferences and high-performing features. Its light is adjustable in three different modes to suit your horticulture and greenhouse environment. The adjustability comes in 100 %, 75%, and 50% ranges,which is extremely helpful. Unlike the magnetic ballasts, it features 30% more lumens perfect for yielding more crops. The ballast is compatible with both MH and HPS bulbs making it easy to operate. Besides, the improved dimming adjustment saves energy, lowering electricity bills while yielding more crops. Since the ballast is compatible with both 120V and 240V, it causes the least power to lose at a high-frequency output. With the built-in fan and designed like a graduating fin, the ballast is capable of minimizing temperature to an optimum level. On top of it, the short circuit resistant features excellent safety to the digital ballast

Tips: This is a professional grade digital ballast. If you want to yield more crops and grow your plants faster, we strongly recommend this digital ballast to have a go

2. iPower GLSETX1000DHCT6XL 1000 Watt

2. iPower GLSETX1000DHCT6XL 1000 Watt
2. iPower GLSETX1000DHCT6XL 1000 Watt
2. iPower GLSETX1000DHCT6XL 1000 Watt

If you are an enthusiast gardener and love yielding more crops using hydroponics, this best 1000-watt digital ballast in the form of iPower hydroponic is suitable for you. It will not only produce crops but also save a substantial amount of power. The best part of the ballast is its 6-inches long reflector.

It has an air-cooled function with high reflectivity, often going up to 90%. Such high reflectivity ensures quicker growth of garden plants. So, you will never be disappointed. The ballast features two-way outlets allowing light ray emissions and reaches the desired end in less than half of the standard time.

Additionally, the LED display keeps you updated about the current development. Moreover, it has a mechanical timer with a 24-hours setting for users’ convenience.

If you wish, you can turn off the timer. Besides, the 7-day digital timer is a great help to know the performance level for the betterment of your garden. The 8-feet long hanging rope lets you hang the ballast effortlessly, whereas the improved metal frame adds excellent stability. And lastly, the ballast is compatible with both MH and HPS bulbs, which is another advantage of the 1000-watt ballast

Tips: Ask me for a better-quality digital ballast at an affordable price; I will, again and again, suggest you purchase VIVOSUN Hydroponic 600 Watt HPS MH Grow Light to get your job done.

3. iPower600 Watt Digital Dimmable Electronic Ballast

3. iPower600 Watt Digital Dimmable Electronic Ballast
3. iPower600 Watt Digital Dimmable Electronic Ballast
3. iPower600 Watt Digital Dimmable Electronic Ballast

iPower is the industry’s leading supplier of growing light and digital ballasts. So, it’s no surprise that theirs’ 600 Watt Digital Dimmable Electronic Ballast has hit the market with a bang. It will be an excellent investment for its top-notch performance and superior safety. It is distinguishable from the regular 600w ballasts due to its advanced microprocessor.

The microprocessor effectively differentiates between MH and PH bulbs and determines the amount of power flow they need. Thus, it discharges the right amount of power that is an excellent way of saving electricity.

The ballast can be installed either in a horizontal or vertical hanging position. Now, it is a fantastic convenience for quick setup and use. What’s more, the ballast is compatible with both 120V and 240V so it can operate even in the lowest power supply. The powder-coated aluminum frame has an improved cooling system supported by shock circuit protection.

So, from now on, over-heating and shock circuit issues will be a past tense with this iPower 600-watt ballast. Last but not least, the lights dim is adjustable for better performance, while 30% more lumens ensure a stable supply of light.

Tips: Our 600-watt digital ballast reviews will be incomplete without the presence of this iPower digital ballast. It will surely help gardeners to get a better crop yield

4. Apollo Horticulture Purple Reign 1000W Watt

4. Apollo Horticulture Purple Reign 1000W Watt
4. Apollo Horticulture Purple Reign 1000W Watt
4. Apollo Horticulture Purple Reign 1000W Watt

This is Apollo Horticulture’s best 1000 watt digital ballast by far and undoubtedly, their most popular ballast. It is the best value product due to its smart design for optimum performance to ensure the proper growth of plants in the garden and horticulture centers.

The Purple Reign ballast features a dynamic detector. It can successfully detect lamp heating, voltage instability, and overload to safeguard the ballast. The machine rune almost silently, so it helps plants pollination much.

Furthermore, the ballast has an embedded technology for the circuit that allows fewer disruption of power failure. It stabilizes the power and operates with a smooth experience. Whereas, the 12 dimmable options enable users to switch between MH and HPS bulbs effortlessly.

The most attractive part of the ballast is its non-flickering technology. The built-in technology allows the continuous power supply to the lamps. Besides, the ballast lights up the light quickly through fast ignition.

Hence, the ballast ensures a constant supply of light for proper growth of the plants in your garden and greenhouse.

Tips: We suggest you place it away from the water source so that it doesn’t get wet. Otherwise, it may face serious electrical hazards

5. VIVOSUN 1000 Watt UL Listed Dimmable Electronic Digital Ballast

5. VIVOSUN 1000 Watt UL Listed Dimmable Electronic Digital Ballast
5. VIVOSUN 1000 Watt UL Listed Dimmable Electronic Digital Ballast
5. VIVOSUN 1000 Watt UL Listed Dimmable Electronic Digital Ballast

This is undoubtedly one of the most dependable digital ballast that you will ever find. Being packed with many features, this Vivosun1000-watt ballast will be a great deal as it will give you a feeling that it has been designed for your garden or greenhouse room.

It is a professional grade digital ballast that can function both in 120V and 240V effectively. So, you won’t have to worry anymore about the low power supply. Furthermore, with Vivosun, you rest assured of the premium quality.

Although the ballast comes in built-in 1000 watts of power integrity, it is compatible with 750 watts and 600 watts as well. The 110% lumen power is just the right light emission for the proper growth of plants. Now, that’s what we call saving at its best.

The best part of the ballast is its several safety options. It has short circuit protection, overheating protection, ignition protection, and bulb lifetime protection. All these are great for the safe operation of the whole system.

Tips: With three different compatibility modes, this is the best 1000 watt digital ballastyou may avail in a limited budget. It will be a good value for your investment.

6. Hydroplanet™ Hydroponic 600 Watt HPS Mh

6. Hydroplanet™ Hydroponic 600 Watt HPS Mh
6. Hydroplanet™ Hydroponic 600 Watt HPS Mh
6. Hydroplanet™ Hydroponic 600 Watt HPS Mh

It is a perfect choice for small to medium farms that intend to use hydroponics to grow only a medium amount of crops. Grabbing this electric ballast will save the money that you can invest in buying new plants or developing your garden. It is the best electronic ballast, according to our expert team.

Despite coming at a lower price, it is packed with all the essential features that you are going to fell in love with passionately. The ballast is compatible with both MH and HPS bulbs and can switch between them automatically.

The ballast comes along with adjustable lumen power so you can determine the wattage necessary for your plants’ growth. It is another way to save a few bucks. You can select from 250w, 400w, and 600w according to your preference. The ballast supports both 120V and 240V, which is another unique advantage.

With high lumen emission, the product is the most appropriate one for small farmers to maximize their profit margin without much of hardship on the land.

Tips: If you are a smaller gardener and want to maximize your profit margin, we suggest you grab this ballast immediately. It will change your gardening future forever.

7. SolisTekMatrix LCD 1000W Digital Ballast

7. SolisTekMatrix LCD 1000W Digital Ballast
7. SolisTekMatrix LCD 1000W Digital Ballast
7. SolisTekMatrix LCD 1000W Digital Ballast

SolisTek is known for manufacturing a wide range of digital ballasts fulfilling the demand of many gardeners and horticulturists. Nonetheless, their Matrix LCD 1000W Digital Ballast sets apart with great features that make it one of the professional-grade best digital ballasts on the market at present.

The most promising feature of the ballast is its software-oriented operation. It makes the user’s work a lot easy. For instance, there is a pre-ignition operational system that effectively safeguards the power connection.

The customizable off/on timer lets users set the exact time according to the cyclic time-period that they prefer for their plants’ growth. Furthermore, the presence of the LCD display allows the user to set the voltage range in different variations.

The screen is remote-controlled, and the green display is visible even in the lowest light. So, it is suitable for your eyesight. Measuring only 18 x 6 x 9.5 inches with a weight of around 16 pounds, it is undoubtedly, one of the best grow ballasts

Tips: There’s no doubt that it is one of the smartest software-based digital ballasts at present. People who like comfortable interference and less vigilance should go for this 1000w ballast

8. Quantum 1000W Digital Ballast

8. Quantum 1000W Digital Ballast
8. Quantum 1000W Digital Ballast
8. Quantum 1000W Digital Ballast

Over the years, gardeners have been complaining that the extra humidity in their greenhouse causing the breakdown of the digital ballast. With this Quantum 1000W Digital Ballast at your greenhouse, moisture and breaking down will not be an issue any longer.

The ballast comes with an included cable allowing to switch between 120V and 240V comfortably. Furthermore, it is compatible with both MH and HPS bulbs like all other products in our digital ballast review.

It features an output frequency that is the most stable version at present in the market. Moreover, the ballast also features 15% more cooling compared to other products available. This helps excellently to minimize the bulb temperature.

The circuit board is resin sealed so you can install it in high humid places and between lighting controllers. The installation is fairly straightforward. The ballast has a higher lumen than the magnetic ones and doesn’t flicker while running on generators. 

Tips: This is an excellent ballast to minimize your expenditure due to the breaking down of regular ballasts in high-humidity. Besides, it included cable, let’s you easy switching between 240V and 120V

9. Phantom PHB2010 II 1000W Digital Ballast

9. Phantom PHB2010 II 1000W Digital Ballast
9. Phantom PHB2010 II 1000W Digital Ballast
9. Phantom PHB2010 II 1000W Digital Ballast

When your plants are in their optimum growth, apply this Phantom digital ballast to incorporate them with the exact amount of light required for photosynthesis. It is a great way to lower electricity consumption without compromising a bit in performance.

It is the only 2nd in our list that comes along with a microprocessor with full integration. The integration with the circuit allows smooth operation with a 32 MHz frequency. Thus, it works well to stabilize the whole setup. 

What’s more, it comes with a stunning hot restrike embedded programming. In case you accidentally turn on the ballast, the hot restrike feature will safeguard the ballast along with the lamps. So, throw your worry of an accidental turn on issues.

The best 1000w digital ballasts have four different dimming options- 60%, 75%, 100%, and the last one is known as ‘super-setting’ at a relatively higher range. These dimming options bring you the maximized profit at a lethargic cost

Tips: Although it is an excellent ballast for commercial hydroponics, it has limited features. It needs routine investigations to operate smoothly. So, be careful as you decide to go with this product.

10. VIVOSUN 1000 Watt Dimmable Electronic Digital Ballast

10. VIVOSUN 1000 Watt Dimmable Electronic Digital Ballast
10. VIVOSUN 1000 Watt Dimmable Electronic Digital Ballast
10. VIVOSUN 1000 Watt Dimmable Electronic Digital Ballast

Are you a home agriculturalist who loves growing indoor plants? If yes, then Vivosun has probably made their best 1000 watts digital ballast for you with this 1000 Watt Dimmable Electronic Digital Ballast.

Since the ballast has a soft startup feature, it will consume less electricity. It also helps the bulbs to serve with longevity. The ballast is compatible with both MH and HPS bulbs, like all our items included in this review. However, for safety reasons, make sure that both the ballast and lamp are in the same wattage level.

The ballast has three different dimming options, such as 1000w,750w, and 600w adding excellent dimensions in operation. It operates effectively in both 120V and 240V.

The exhaust fan is internally placed and has a premium-quality. So, it quickly blows away the hot air to keep all the components cool so that they can perform better for an extended lifetime.  Besides, there is protection for overheating, the short circuit as well as for the ignite failures. All these work as an excellent safeguard.

Tips: Gardeners are going to love this excellent product from Vivosun. It has everything a ballast needs for satisfactory performance.

Things To Consider When Buying Digital Ballasts

Digital Ballast Buying Guide: Everything You Should Know

If you feel like giving your garden plants a boost for growth, you must have a proper lighting fixture in the form of a digital ballast. It provides stable lighting to help plants grow steadily. However, a digital ballast doesn’t come at a low price. Hence, it is important to know about the essential features of ballast so that your investment on it doesn’t go in vain.

Types of Ballast

There are two types of ballast available in the market. These are- magnetic ballast and digital ballast. Magnetic ballasts create a buzzing sound, whereas the digital ones operate silently. The digital ballast is also known as an electric ballast.

Dimming Options

The plants don’t always require the same amount of light. Thus, it would help if you change the light emissions in a cyclic order. It is possible through the dimming options in the digital ballasts. Usually, they have three to four dimmable options, 1000w,750w,600w, and 550W. So, make sure your ballast has the highest dimming options preset.

600w vs. 1000w

The wattage determines the amount of highest power a ballast can generate to ignite the lamp. Initially, ballasts have two different wattages, such as 1000w and 600w. The 1000w ballasts are preferred in commercial greenhouses whereas, 600w ballasts are used in the home garden and small farms.

Lumen Power

It determines the highest amount of lumen(light) emission from the digital ballast. While some ballasts have a 10% increment in their lumen power, some features up to 30% enhancement. However, higher lumen comes at a higher price tag.


Since digital ballast is a high-performing and heavy-duty machine, it needs safeguards to keep performing for more extended periods. There are several protective features like protection against shock circuits, overheating, end to end bulb lifetime, and many more. All the ballasts don’t have similar protective features. So, look closely for the available protections in your digital ballast.

Price and Electricity Consumption

Digital ballasts are infamous for consuming high-amount of electricity, ultimately increasing your electricity bill. However, there are some ballasts like the 10 in your list that starts slowly to consume less power. Moreover, you may choose an affordable but efficient digital ballast with your intelligent and laborious selection.

Why you need the digital ballast for gardening?

Day by day, technology updates as well as all updates are everything. In this way, there is some new technology add for gardening. If you think about it, you will see it. Before, humans used magnetic ballasts. And nowadays, humans used digital ballast. Because digital ballast is better than magnetic ballast performance, all kinds of issues have been discussed above. But why you need the right digital ballast? This is a common question. Let’s see it.

One thing to keep in mind all the time, gardening is a favorite thing. And you have to see and clean it. Every garden has a lamp, and each lighting system consists of a reflector, an extended lamp, and a ballast. It is your ballast’s job to control how much energy goes into your lamp—these use of solid-state circuits to convert and control the power output of inflammation. Every digital ballast is much smaller, lighter, and more efficient than magnetic ballasts. Because ballasts have two or three different wattages, such as 1000w, 600w, and 400w. The 1000w ballasts are preferred in commercial greenhouses, and 600w ballast is best for gardening, or you can use 400w ballast. It is also not bad for gardening; I have been seen it used in many gardens.

If you are fighting for space, you have not enough space, and it will be easier for you to get a small, digital ballast. Digital ballasts are also lighter if you mount it with your reflector as a complete fixture. And you will get different sizes of them. Also, digital ballast is energy saving. This will vary depending on which units you compare, but usually, digital ballasts use 3 – 4% less power. And there are many more benefits, this is.

  • It doesn’t take a lot of electricity.
  • Very lightweight, have any kind of size in the market, easily you can find it.  (Compact design )
  • Many colors.
  • Don’t get any noise (Silence)
  • Many functions.
  • Long-lasting
  • Economic

There have many functions, that’s why you need the right digital ballast. Let’s see

How to find the best digital ballast?

Finding a digital ballast is no longer a big deal. Because now you will get reviews of it in many places. And we also reviewed it, and maybe this is the best review for this. And we try to give our best. And we want to tell you a method, all the time before buying Digital Blast. Decide for yourself which one is best, which one best for your garden. After that, read the reviews one by one. If you know, you need it, how much voltage ballast is needed for your garden, which size is perfect for your garden. Then you can easily find your digital ballast. 400w to 600w digital ballast is the ideal voltage for any garden.

Digital Ballast: Some Tips for Sustainable Use

As I have already mentioned that digital ballast is a high-performing electrical machine. It works together with the bulbs to provide the exact hydroponic system for your plants. In an ever-changing world, where the climate is getting more and more unpredictable, the importance of digital ballast is increasing rapidly. Hence, it would be best if you are more concerned with the sustainable use of digital ballast to minimize your gardening expenditure.

The cautions are-

  1. Try to avoid wet places for the setup of the digital ballast.
  2. In case you need to switch between 120V and 240V, prefer calling an electrician for safety reasons.

Always have a close eye on readings displayed on the LCD/LED display for optimum performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Digital ballast or bulbs, on which should I spend more money? 

The technical answer is that you should spend money on both a digital ballast and the bulbs. And the straightforward solution would be the same. Both these two are essential for a perfect hydroponic system. So, you must purchase quality products even if they come at a higher cost.

  1. Should I change the bulbs or keep continuing with them until they get ruined?

It is presumed that bulbs for the hydroponic system are capable of running for years. However, they go through degradation. This happens naturally, and their ability to photosynthesis reduces over time. Thus, we recommend you to change the bulbs once in a year for satisfactory results.

  1. Does the quality of digital ballast have any effect on the hydroponic system?

Yes, of course, it has. The higher quality ballasts are capable of generating up to 30% more lumen power. It increases the photosynthesis rate incredibly. On the other hand, a more top quality bulb provides durability to your lamps. So, it is an excellent way to save some money also.

Note: Although HPS light might run for more than two or three hours, most likely, their color spectrum will change. It will result in thewrong way for the proper growth of the plants.


The top ten digital ballasts that I have included in today’s digital ballast reviews are all Stallworth products in the market. Users may find it hard to choose one single product in the line. However, I don’t want to engage myself in a biased situation. So, instead of indicating to one particular digital ballast, I would like to recommend users to assess their necessity, requirement, and budget.

Soon after, they will be able to understand which digital ballast will best fit their requirements. You rest assured that these ten are the best digital ballasts available in the market right now. So, I haven’t compromised in terms of quality, performance, and endurance.

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