10 best patio cooler reviews of 2020 – Your’s Expert Choice!

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So, you threw a party at your house, and everyone’s coming in. The smell of the barbeque is on the loose, and everyone’s expecting something mouthwatering.

But you want to grab the drinks first. You tell your boys to grab the drinks from the patio cooler and help themselves.

Your friend Bart gets to the cooler and notices something embarrassing. All the ice-cubes inside the cooler have melted. The drinks? They’ve lost their cool. Everyone’s now making weird faces at you.

Only if you had the best patio cooler right now, you would’ve hit the bottle with your buddies. But no, you have to shift to the barbeque instead.

Well, maybe now you can call it a day, but you can’t just let things go like this forever, eh? If that’s the case, get yourself the perfect patio cooler. How? Follow my lead

Top 10 Patio Cooler Reviews – Comparisons

Below are the top 10 patio coolers that are running super-hot in the marketplace, and customers are having their jaw-dropped. Give the reviews a read. Who knows? You might be able to find your patio cooler right here.

BELLEZE 80-Quart Portable Rolling Ice Chest Cooler Cart Patio

BELLEZE 80-Quart Portable Rolling Ice Chest Cooler Cart Patio
To make sure you have the perfect get together with your friends in a nice warm morning, what could be better than having the Chest Cooler Patio from Belleze? With the amazing features it comes with, you’ll have the ‘fun-time’ you deserve.

Not just parties in the morning, dinner party, sports party, family get together, you name it, the cart patio from Belleze can be your next best friend for getting a relaxing day.

As you take a look at it, the patio will leave you awe-struck with its premium aesthetics. It boasts 4 different ravishing colors to choose from. I personally love the black color, but you can also choose the stainless, red, and rattan finish. You’ll love it, and most importantly, your friends won’t forget to say wow.

While typical patio coolers may disappoint you with the maintenance, this one lets you take control just like that. It’s just a simple made-easy version.

There’s no need for you to look for a bottle opener when you need it. This patio cooler comes with an attached bottle opener along with a bottle cap catcher. With which you can get your job done pretty easily.

On top of that, you’ll find a drainage plug on its back, which you can use for removing the water leftovers.

The more drinks your patio cooler can hold, the more drink you can get to serve. While the mainstream can give you a bad time, this patio cooler can hold up to 20 gallons, and it’s just easy peasy.

As for the durability, it’s been made with the solid stainless-steel material, and that too comes with a UV-resistant attribute followed by anti-rust feature. Scorching sunlight? No problem, you have your patio cooler with the ultimate durability.

  • Comes with 3 stunning color variations to choose from
  • Bottle opener lets you detach the cap of the bottles
  • Cap catcher collects all the bottle caps you get rid of
  • Drainage plug helps you to remove the water leftovers easily
  • Stainless-steel material enhances the strength of the cooler
  • Resistant to UV-rays, so it stays durable for years to come
  • Takes time to assemble

Outsunny 80 QT Rolling Ice Chest Portable Patio Cooler

Outsunny 80 QT Rolling Ice Chest Portable Patio Cooler
You can bring the party right at your lawn with the 80 QT portable patio cooler from Outsunny. The reason I didn’t forget to include this one in my best outdoor patio cooler list is that it churns out everything you’ve been craving for.

First off, as you take a look at this patio cooler, you’ll already have the beauty taking control of your mind. The sleek design will not only make you go, wow, but your friends will praise your rich taste as well.

Unlike others, this outdoor drink cooler comes with 3 different color variations to choose from.

You can try the black color, which definitely looks classy, or you can go for the stainless-steel finish to taste what it feels like to have an original look. It also comes in Red.

Serving a lot of people won’t be a problem from now on. This patio cooler can hold up to 80 quarts of drinks. As a result, you get a lot of ice-cold drinks in one go.

This is not one of those typical hard-to-access patio coolers, though. I mean, you had your days when you couldn’t get access to your stuff, right? Well, it’s time to wave off all those tiring days.

Outsunny comes with two doors with which you’ll be able to have easy access to all of your things within seconds. There’s no time to struggle, and it’s just fast and easy.

Looking for a bottle cap opener? Who needs one when this patio cooler has got your back? The set offers you a bottle opener along with a bottle cap catcher on its sides.

To make sure you get all the comfort you need, there are the ergonomic handles that let you hold your cooler with ease and convenience.

And guess what? You can move your patio cooler to anywhere you want, whenever you want. It comes with four wheels, which help you up with the portability.

  • Has got a sleek design with 3 different color variations
  • Can hold up to 80 quarts of drinks, allowing you to serve a lot of guests
  • Has got two doors, through which you get easy access to your goods
  • With the bottle opener, you can detach the caps of the bottles instantly
  • Ergonomic handles let you hold the cooler with ease and comfort
  • Has got four wheels, so you can move the cooler very easily
  • The sturdiness of the legs could be improved

Suncast Resin Wicker Outdoor Cooler 

Suncast Resin Wicker Outdoor Cooler
This outdoor drink cooler from Suncast never fails to amaze me. Durability, comfort, rich outlook, this one is a complete package with the best of everything.

If you want a patio drink cooler that doesn’t eat up too much of your space, you can get your hands on this with your eyes closed.

Compared to others, this one is a bit thinner in shape, which allows you to keep it anywhere that has got space issues.

That was just how compact it is. Will it fit your rich taste of décor? Of course, it will.

Thanks to the decorative design it comes with, this patio cooler shimmers a rich vibe. The brown finish just blends in perfectly with any environment seamlessly.

As for its space, it can hold up to 72 cans or simply put up to six 2-liter bottles pretty easily. For which, you get to cool a lot of cans in one go and can serve a lot of people just like that.

But hey, you just don’t store your cans at a party, do you? You need to deal with a lot of things. Dishes, glasses, cups, and whatnot. This patio cooler from Suncast has got your back.

You’ll find a cabinet that comes under the patio cooler, and it stores extra supplies like cups, dishes and other utensils.

After using it, you can easily release the melted ice that comes with the external drainage tube you’ll find at the bottom. To make sure you get the counter space to host gatherings, the cooler comes with extended leaf attachment.

After the party’s over, you can transport it easily to the place you want to store it.Thanks to the 2-locking and 2 non-locking wheels, you get to move the cooler like a breeze.

As for durability, it’s been made with durable resin construction, for which you get to use it for years to come with no problem.

  • Has got a very compact shape for which it fits inside almost anywhere
  • Comes with a great outlook with slim aesthetic shimmering a rich vibe
  • Can hold up to 72 cans or six 2-liters bottles
  • There's a cabinet in which you can store cups, dishes, and extra utensils
  • 2-locking and 2 non-locking wheels let you move the cooler anywhere
  • It’s been made with durable resin construction for added strength
  • Comes with no carrying handles

Keter Cool Bar Modern Smooth Style with Legs Outdoor Patio

Keter Cool Bar Modern Smooth Style with Legs Outdoor Patio
‘You’ll need to spend a fortune if you want to put a show-off.’ Says who? The patio cooler from Keter lets you wow everyone at an affordable price.

Now I did talk about a compact patio above; however, this one is more compact, and the fact that it comes with great aesthetics is obviously a cherry on top.

‘Classy’ is the first thing that will probably pop inside your mind as you roll your eyes on this sleek beauty.

Even though I love the Grey colored one better, you can also go for the Red or the Teal if it suits your environment. But that’s not the major concern when it comes to looks, though.

It has got a very alluring slender body, and it looks more like a coffee-table. Yes, you read it right.

There’s an extendable tabletop that comes with the cooler, allowing you to transform it into a contemporary coffee or cocktail table just within a twist.

Deck parties, barbeques, pool lounge, you name it, this one can blend in smoothly with every environment while being eye-catchy all the time.

It has enough room to hold up to 7.5 gallons of drinks in one go. Which means, you get to handle up to 40 bottles or 60 cans. Not too bad for a compact shaped patio cooler, eh?

As for your comfort, this one makes tasks easy as a piece of cake. You can get easy access to your drinks within seconds. After you’re done with your party, you can clean everything up within minutes.

Thanks to the built-in drainage plug that makes your cleanup smooth like a breeze, you won’t have to struggle every time you want to get your cooler cleaned.

The best part? Unlike the mainstreams in the marketplace, it has got an insulated cooling system that keeps your drinks ice-cold up to 12 hours.

As for durability, this one can withstand all the toughest abuses. It’s been made with the durable polypropylene resin, which, on the other hand, is resistant to weather. So, let it be tough conditions or bad weather conditions, your patio cooler will survive anything.

  • Comes with a very compact shape, so it eats a little space in your area
  • The Grey color shimmers a stunning outlook that will impress you
  • Has an extendable tabletop, which you can use as a coffee table
  • Can hold up to 40 bottles or 60 cans of drinks in one go
  • Keeps your drinks ice-cold for 12 hours at a stretch
  • Made of durable polypropylene resin and comes with weather-resistant features
  • It would be better if it was a bit taller

Best Choice Products Wicker Ice Bucket Outdoor Patio Cooler

Wicker Ice Bucket Outdoor Patio Cooler
On the fifth, I’ve got the Ice Bucket Outdoor Patio from Best Choice Products. It looks a bit similar to the patio cooler from Keter? Well, it does come with a table-like surface on its top, except for the fact that it’s where you put the drinks on.

As you check it out, you’ll notice the ice bucket on the top that comes with a galvanized steel construction. There’s also a wicker tray top, which you can use to keep coffees if you want.

Speaking of which, don’t think even for a minute about rust and corrosion when I said galvanized steel.  The construction is completely protected by anti-rust and anti-corrosion features, so you can say your rusty days goodbye.

To enhance the durability, the manufacturers have constructed the frames with pure aluminum, which can withstand all the toughest situations like a pro. Doesn’t matter if the patio cooler trips over for some reason, there’s no way you’re getting any dents.

Now, I don’t know if you’re going to use this patio cooler for dinner parties, but not all of them can be used under the scorching sunlight. The UV-radiation can be your biggest archenemy.

This outdoor patio cooler from Best Choice Products changes the whole game. It’s completely resistant to UV-radiation, for which, you can use it even under the scorching heat.

Typical patio coolers have one problem in common. You put ice and keep it for a few hours, and the next thing you know, the ices are all melted.

This one, on the other hand, comes with an insulated cooling system with its rig. As a result, your party might end, but the drinks will still keep their cool.

You’d probably hate the fact that it doesn’t have a wheel with it like the ones I’ve mentioned above.

However, I’ll count the non-slip rubber feet it comes with as an impressive alternative. Besides, it’s light in weight, so you can transport it anywhere simply by carrying it with your bare hands.

  • Galvanized steel ice bucket comes with an anti-rust feature
  • You can serve coffees using the removable wicker tray top
  • Frames are made of pure aluminum for added strength
  • With the UV-resistant feature in its arsenal, the cooler stays durable for years
  • Insulated cooling system keeps the drinks ice-cold four hours
  • It’s light in weight, for which you can carry it easily
  • Doesn’t have a wheel

Giantex Outdoor Cool Bar Rattan Style Patio Coolers

Giantex Outdoor Cool Bar Rattan Style Patio Coolers
I won’t blame you if you just can’t get your mind off of rattan style patio coolers. They simply look gorgeous and talks a lot about class.

Well, if you’re into such types, but you want to taste something different other than Keter (since it’s a rattan style one), you can get your hands on the patio cooler from Giantex.

Looks matter a lot, and when it’s all about your guests checking out your things, obviously you’re going to make sure the décor looks top notch. Patio coolers can add décor to the place of your party if it looks good.

As for this rattan style beauty right here, it will make you go wow with its slender body and sleek finish. Even though it comes just in Brown color, you’ll love how it fits with your environment seamlessly.

You can adjust the height of the center post very flexibly while it can stand firmly in its position. Don’t worry, it eats up a very small space, unlike the typical ones. So, even if you’re planning to throw a party inside your apartment, you can go for it.

In addition, the lid it comes with can be used as a great substitute for a tabletop on which you can keep your drinks, coffees, sandwiches, etc.

As for keeping your drinks cool, this patio cooler knows about its job pretty well. Unlike the typical ones, it keeps your drinks ice-cold for hours. So it’s not like that your party’s going on, but the ice cubes have melted.

After you’re done with your party, you can use the drain hole at its bottom to get rid of the drink and ice leftovers, which will make your cleaning job easier than ever.

  • The slender body with a sleek finish enhances its beauty
  • Can flexibly adjust the height of the center post
  • Comes with a very compact shape and fits in almost anywhere
  • Option to use the lid as a perfect alternative to a tabletop
  • Keeps the ice cubes and your drinks cool for several hours
  • Has a drain hole at its bottom, which allows you to get rid of all the leftovers
  • Some customers say once you extend its height, it becomes unstable

Leigh Country TX 93728 Cooler 

Leigh Country TX 93728 Cooler 
Some people just love being old-fashioned. I’ve got a few furniture in my home that boasts an antique look. And trust me, my guests never forget to praise my taste.

Not just furniture, though, you can also get yourself a patio cooler that gives you the same antique vibe. All you need to do is get your hands on the TX93728 from Leigh Country.

Check it out, and you’ll have that same antique feel with this cooler in your arsenal. Thanks to the rustic-grey wash finish it shimmers, it looks more like a treasure box that gives you a southern feel.

The Texas-inspired horseshoe, along with the star engraved on its body, makes it look more unique and dominating. While typical patio coolers have their colors faded away within months, you can count on this one for years.

That was just the looks. What about its durability, though? The cooler has got a polyurethane inner line in it that makes sure you don’t experience any leakage any time soon.

Besides, it’s been coated with anti-rust powder. As a result, there’s no way you’re going to face all those rusty days.

As for its capacity, this beast can hold up to 54 quarts of drinks in one go, for which you can serve a lot of people at the same time.

Even though it maintains an old-fashioned look, the TX93738 stands out completely than most modern-day patio coolers when it comes to offering you convenience.

It has got an attached bottle opener, with which you can open up the caps of your bottles or cans instantly.

After you say goodbye to everyone, you can simply use the drain valve to get rid of the drinks and ice left-overs. There’s no need for you to struggle since it needs a couple of minutes.

  • Boasts an antique outlook with its rustic-grey wash finish
  • The color won’t fade even after you use it for years
  • Polyurethane inner line makes sure you don’t experience any leakage
  • Anti-rust powder coating saves the cooler from getting rusted
  • It can hold up to 54 quarts of drinks in one go
  • The drain-valves and attached bottle opener make your task easier
  • A bit heavier in weight

Leigh Country CP 98108 Retro Metal Coca-Cola Cooler

Leigh Country CP 98108 Retro Metal Coca-Cola Cooler
Fell in love with Leigh Country already? I did talk about the ‘antique’ looking cooler a bit earlier. Now, let me take you back to the 90s a bit.

If you’re one of those people who loves to switch from different models that define different generations, you’ll say, ‘this is just getting better and better.’

The CP98108 from the same giant will make you go wow with its slim aesthetics and looks that will remind you about the 90s no matter what. It comes in Red color while you can see the old-school ‘Coca Cola’ logo engraved on its body.

To add more spice to the beauty, the makers have included the officially licensed Coca-Cola attached opener that comes with a cap catcher. Just simply detach the cap and start drinking.

With this thing in your arsenal, you’ll be able to serve ice-cold drinks to a lot of people in one go. The CP 98108 can hold up to 60 quarts just like that and makes sure the drinks stay super cold for hours.

It’s been constructed with heavy-duty stainless-steel material. The fact that it has got an anti-rust feature is a cherry on top.  As a result, you can use this cooler for years to come without stressing over how long it will last.

Doesn’t matter where you’re having the party at. The CP 98108 is pretty light in weight, and you can just move it smoothly with its durable casters. Besides, it eats up very little space, so you can just keep it inside your apartment if you want to.

The hardware boasts an easy-to-access drain valve, with which you can make sure all the leftovers are gone within minutes.

  • The outlook the cooler comes with gives you a taste from the 90s
  • Comes with an officially licensed Coca Cola bottle opener
  • Keeps your drinks ice-cold for several hours
  • The cooler can hold up to 60 quarts of drinks
  • Anti-rust stainless-steel construction makes it durable and strong
  • Has got four caster wheels, so you can move it anywhere smoothly
  • It could be more durable

Igloo 49271 Party Bar Cooler

Igloo 49271 Party Bar Cooler
When you get to know about the stand-out features the Igloo 49271 offers, you’ll know that this little friend is meant for parties.

When’s the last time you saw a patio cooler that comes with LED lights? If you haven’t, the Igloo 49271 can be your first time. When the lights are out, you’ll see your bottles glow as you keep them dipped inside the ice in the cooler.

How? It comes with LED lights that offer you a complete 360-degree interior-lightning, which definitely keeps the party mood on. Now, you may scratch your head and say, ‘what if the light causes heat and melts the ice?’

The answer is a big NO. The LED lights are completely heat-free. So, you can just say these weird thoughts goodbye.

On top of that, to make sure the ice doesn’t melt before you end the party, it comes with a fully insulated body. This keeps your drinks cool for several hours.

Talking about ‘keeping it cool.’ When you keep your cooler on the ground, it can get in touch with the warm embrace and can get warm itself. This can cause a bummer.

The 49271 from Igloo has got your back with its Cool Riser design. This feature keeps the cooler elevated from the ground surface, for which it doesn’t absorb the heat.

Besides, I’d love to call it one of the best ones if not the best party cooler since it can hold up to no less than 125 quarts of drinks. As a result, you’ll be able to serve all of your friends in one go.

The best part? The threaded drain plug it comes with is compatible with garden hoses. As the ice cubes turn to liquid, you can connect your garden hose and get rid of the leftovers simply by spraying it to somewhere else. For extras, it has got a very handy bottle opener along with a cap catch-bin.

  • The LED lights allow you to experience 360-degree interior lighting
  • eat-free lights don’t heat up your drinks
  • Fully insulated body makes sure the ice cubes do not get melted any time soon
  • Cool Riser design keeps the cooler elevated from ground level
  • Can hold up to 125 quarts of drinks in one go
  • Can attach a garden hose with the drain plug to get rid of the leftovers
  • It’s on the expensive side

Leigh Country CP 98111 Patio Cooler

Leigh Country CP 98111 Patio Cooler
If I didn’t talk about the CP98111 from Leigh Country, the best patio cooler reviews would’ve remained incomplete. When it comes to sleek designs and stunning color combinations, this one stands out compared to anything else.

As you take a look at it, you’ll see the Cream color has blended in with the Red, and you can see the ‘Coca Cola’ logo catching the eyes of everyone. Furthermore, it shines with its mirror-like finish.

You can also try the one with the Galvanized finish or the Red one, and it will still hold its dominating look. Simply put, it has everything to catch everyone’s attention.

What about its functionality, you may ask. Well, it can hold up to 60 quarts of liquid, so you won’t face any problem serving a lot of drinks in one go.

As for durability, it’s been made with solid stainless-steel material that comes with an anti-rust attribute. Rust, corrosion, you name it, nothing will be able to harm this durable beast. The strength, on the other hand, enables it to withstand the toughest abuses.

And like always, this model, too, has got the powder-coated bottle opener so that you can detach the bottle caps within a snap. Andto save you from the mess, you can collect the caps of the bottles with a cap catcher it comes with.

Once the party ends and it’s time to clean everything up, you can use the drain plug for the easy-cleaning experience. Thanks to the four caster wheels it comes with, you can move this cooler anywhere you want, whenever you want.

  • Offers you three different mind-blowing colors to choose from
  • Can hold up to 60 quarts of liquid just like that
  • Has been made with solid-stainless steel material with the anti-rust features
  • Boasts powder-coated bottle opener to open the bottles instantly
  • The cap catchers collect the caps of the bottles
  • With the four caster wheels, you can move the cooler anywhere you want
  • The caster wheels are not as durable as they should be

Things to Consider Before Buying a Patio Cooler

So, you’re going to buy a patio cooler to turn on your party mood? Awesome. However, if you don’t know what features you should look for, chances are you’ll end up buying the wrong product.

To make sure you don’t get your hands on the wrong set of patio coolers and regret later, go through the things you should consider before buying a patio cooler.

Which Type to Go For

You’ll find three types of patio coolers in the marketplace. There’s the rolling chest cooler, standing chest cooler, and the standing bucket cooler.

  • Rolling Chest Cooler

If you have space issues and you want to move your cooler to places now and then, you can go for rolling chest coolers. These are very compact in size and can be easily moved.

  • Standing Chest Cooler

Who doesn’t want to get praised for their rich taste? If you want your guests to go wow, you can add a rich décor to your environment by getting a standing chest cooler. With a highly decorative outlook, this one comes with a great aesthetic.

You may find it hard to move the standing chest cooler since it doesn’t come with any wheel at all.

  • Standing Bucket Cooler

These coolers, on the other hand, come with no lid pretty often. It’s perfect for you if you’re having a small group of people for a simple hangout.


When you throw a party at your place, your guests are going to roll their eyes around your things. That includes the patio cooler you’re using. Get yourself the one that comes with a sleek design and slender body. Make sure it doesn’t eat up too much of your space.

You can go for the one that gives you a rustic or antique vibe, or you can try something that holds the modernized aesthetics. Either way, make sure you buy something that blends in perfectly with your environment.


Party means the crowd. Not every time you’ll have just a small group of friends hanging around with you. Even the loneliest losers get to meet all their bullies and mates who have been ignoring them in school.

So, since you’ll have lots of party-freaks around you, obviously you would want a patio cooler that can keep a lot of bottles cool at the same time. As a result, you’ll be able to serve a lot of people in one go.

Go for a patio cooler that can hold up to 60 quarts of drinks in it.

Material and Durability

The material your patio cooler is made of defines if it is durable or not. You’ll find patio coolers that are made of stainless steel, and there are others that are made of wood. No matter which one you go for, make sure it’s heavy-duty.

However, there are two things you need to keep in mind. If you go for a stainless-steel material (which I honestly prefer the most), you have to go for the one that has got anti-rust or anti-corrosion features. Otherwise, you’ll see rust and corrosion are appearing on your patio cooler within months.

Simultaneously, you’ll have to make sure the patio cooler you’re buying has got a UV-resistant attribute. Fortunately, all the products I’ve mentioned in the review section are resistant to UV-rays, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.


Not saying it’s important for everyone, but if you want to move your cooler from one place to another and you will, you should go for the one that is light in weight and easily portable.

Make sure the cooler has got wheels under it. This will allow you to move the cooler very fast.

Drainage Plug

After the party ends, you’ll be less likely to have much of the energy left in your body to clean all the mess. The ice will melt, and you’ll need to get rid of the water. Things get much worse when there’s no one around.

This is why whenever you’ll buy a patio cooler, make sure it has got a drainage plugin its rig. As a result, you’ll be able to get rid of the ice cube leftovers pretty easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to clean a patio cooler?

Well, first off, you can use cleaners and brush to clean the insides. You can find power washes pretty helpful as well.  However, make sure you dilute the water as well.
If you’re using a wooden patio cooler, you can wipe it using a rag that is dipped in soapy water.

  1. Is assembling a patio cooler hard?

Not at all. At least, most of the patio coolers I’ve reviewed here can be assembled within minutes. The best part? You can do it all by yourself.

  1. Can I chill any food in my patio cooler?

Sure, but remember that it’s not a freezer. So, it won’t be a wise idea to leave your food inside your patio cooler for a longer period.

  1. How should I store my patio cooler when it’s winter?

During winter, it’s better for you to keep your patio cooler indoors.

  1. Do all these products have warranty offers?

Yes, however, if you want to know the details about the duration, you better contact your seller.

Final Words

So that was everything about the best patio cooler. I’ve talked about the best ones available in the marketplace over here. Even though they have some drawbacks, but overall, these unique patio coolers are best known for their functionality and durability. Why wait then? Get your hands on the perfect cooler right away.