How To Make A Pool Cleaner Using A Garden Hose — Complete Guide

Swimming is one of the fantastic recreational actives to do in your leisure time. Moreover, some of the people extend to become professional swimmers which earn them stylish lives. Pool owners fathom that owning a pool is not a walk in the park. It requires special maintenance to ensure that the swimmer’s health is not at stake.

However, maintaining a pool is not an easy task has it may seem to be. Occasionally you will have to drain the pool to add some freshwater. Without proper knowledge and exposure, you may incur the cost of hiring a technician. Do you know you can quickly drain the pool water by yourself? This article discusses how to make a pool vacuum using a garden hose. Further, it highlights the steps to use your own made vacuum.

Requirements Of The Garden Hose Pool Vacuum

To make a pool vacuum using a garden hose, you will require very durable and sturdy material. Before starting the activity you should ensure that you got the following instruments in your working place;

  • Garden hose of the appropriate length according to the size of the pool
  • Vacuum bag to create suction
  • Telescoping pool pole to skim the entire pool for debris
  • Plastic funnel

How To Make A Pool Vacuum

First, you should connect one head of the garden hose to the vacuum bag. You should ensure that the length of the garden hose is ideal according to the size of the pool. For a shallow pool, you can use a short hose while for a deep pool use a long hose that will reach the bottom part of the pool. After ensuring you have the proper hose, connect one of its end to the vacuum bag. The purpose of the vacuum bag is to create suction to ensure that the debris does not escape to the pool during the cleaning process.

Secondly, fix the telescoping pool pole to the other end of the garden hose. The telescopic pool pole serves two purposes thus very vital when cleaning the pool. One, it collects all the floating debris and skims the water to ensure that it is free from any foreign materials. Moreover, you can fit it with a brush to scrub your stained walls which it does very efficiently. On the open end of the garden hose try fixing the telescope according to the size of your pool. In case of any problems when fixing it, tie one of the telescoping handles on the garden hose. The tying rope should be super clean and free from contamination. Also, ensure that the knot is tight enough to withstand the pressure.

Caution; ensure that the components of the pool vacuum such as vacuum bag, garden hose, and telescopic pole are of the right length. You can consider the size of the pool.

Guidelines On How To Use The Pool Vacuum

You should continue with this section after ensuring that the previous section is thoroughly-performed. After counterchecking the components, place the vacuum bag end in the pool. Use the telescopic pool to move it slowly in the pool scanning all the dirtiest parts in the pool. You should move it carefully and slowly to ensure the fine particles get into the garden hose. After some time, you will notice that the suction power of the vacuum bag is decreasing as an indication that you should empty it.  Pull the garden hose from the pool and remove the bag to empty the debris. Ensure that the emptying point is far away from the pool to avoid messing with the compound.

After ensuring that the pool is perfectly clean, gently remove the vacuum pump. Untie the knot from the telescoping pole and lift the vacuum bag. Empty the vacuum bag far away from the pool and the playing ground for the kids, then clean it for storage. The storage place of this item should be free from any moisture to increase its longevity. Besides, ensure they are in a storage room with room temperatures far from any heat. Also, if you have to hire any of the tools, you should ensure that you take them back in time to avoid fines. Nevertheless, consider purchasing your tools which are too cheap compared to hiring any time you require them.


Cleaning the pool is very vital to ensure that you are safe every time you have trilling moments in the pool water. How can you keep your pool clean at a low cost? This is a question that has straight answers in this article. There are highlights on how to make a pool vacuum using a garden hose to save the cost of purchasing a summer escapes tool vacuum. The crucial requirement to have a pool vacuum is a vacuum bag. A vacuum bag does an excellent task of ensuring that the debris does not go back to the pool after sucking them into the hose. Do not forget to empty the vacuum bag when the suction power decrease to increase its effectiveness.

Also, a garden hose is essential in Coleman pools vacuum. The size of the hose should be perfect according to the size of the pool. Remember for the shallow pools to use a short hose while deep pools use a long hose. While fixing the telescoping pole on the hose you should ensure it is firm. In case of any problems, do not hesitate to tie a knot on the telescoping handle to keep it in place. However, ensure that the tying rope is free from any contaminations. The entire cleaning process also ensures that you are free from any danger. You can observe your safety by wearing any safety elements. In case you are allergic to the cleaning chemical, consider hiring another person to do the task for you. Lastly, store the tools in a moisture-free room with ideal temperatures.

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