How to change a lawn mower tire | Do not lose more money

Many people spend a month or every time an amount of money for not knowing how to change a lawn mower tire. It will not have to happen again! We bring you a repair guide so you can follow step by step. With it, you will know how to replace the rear tire of your lawnmower.

Installing new tires or replacing them is not a difficult task. In addition, it only requires easy tools to get and very few of them. Your job will be to get a manufacturer-approved replacement part.

Mowers in your house

Mowers in your house Who does not have a lawnmower at home? It is a matter of suitability for some people to have one of these tools at home. The tires on this mower are designed to last for long hours. Although it is true they are durable, due to their continuous use, they tend to lose air pressure. It causes them to ruin themselves. Therefore, you must have to change them to choose the best lawn.

How to know you should replace your lawn mower tires?

Although they are durable, we do not give them the attention they need. Sometimes, people spend too much time without checking or maintaining them. Therefore, it is necessary to identify when to change them. If you want to know when it is needed to get new ones, I bring you five ways to identify it.

  1. When the sidewall of your tire starts to have signs of dry rot around it.
  2. Notes loss of air pressure.
  3. You have cuts or missing treads.
  4. Loss of traction when going up or downhills.
  5. What you get is a rough pass while mowing grass.


Hopefully, we bring you some simple steps that you can follow to change your tires. Read on if you want to avoid wasting time waiting to hire a tire change service for your lawnmower. Instead, change it yourself.

Materials needed

The materials that we will specify will be the only ones that you will use. You can buy them since you will need them very often to do it on your own.

  • Gloves
  • Pull jack
  • Snap ring pliers
  • Blade screwdrivers
  • Replacement tire
  • Pull seal
  • Ratchet strap
  • Air pump

Step 1: Lock the mower

The first thing you should do is start the mower. Then use the parking brake so that it doesn’t start in any way. Thus, you can have a tire in place when you do the work. Leave the edge on the shaft so you can do the necessary leverage.

Step 2: Raise the mower

Just as you do with your car, be sure to position the jack properly to make your mower soar. Rotate the jack to raise your mower tire off the ground so you can work.

Remember, you should do this on level ground, for your safety. Now, hook the safety latch to your cat.

Step 3: Remember before removing the tire

The tires are different in all cases. Sometimes, the front tires can be on spindles. If so, you have to remove the black rubber boot that is covering the end of the shaft. Remove the entire boot with the help of pliers. Do it slowly so as not to break it.

Your tire will be attached with a metal C-shaped clip. You will need to use a flat-blade screwdriver to exercise as a lever. Be careful because the C-clip is easy to lose.

If your tire has a wrench to hold the axle and rim, you should remove it. You must remove the axle cap, and then pull and turn should work correctly.

Now, hold the retaining ring and remove it with needle-nose pliers. Also, remove the washers. There you will find access to the key, and you must remove it with the pliers.

Step 4: Breaking the Beads

You will have full access to the valve core. You should be careful in this step. Therefore, you will release the air from the tire. You will do this by unscrewing the valve core to replace it as a next step.

Then, you must break the internal and external accounts. Use a tire iron. Do not hit the edge; this is important. If your mower has an inner tube, delete it. Work the outer lace over the outer edge, and do the same for the inner lace.

Step 5: Getting the New Tire On

Use lubricant for both balls of the new tire or the one you will replace. Now you will place the tire on the tire at a 45-degree angle. Next, you must force the rim into the tire as much as you can.

Use the tire iron to work the bead, which has the rim. Here is where you should insert the inner tube. In the end, you just need to use a ratchet strap to secure the tire’s beads.

Step 6: Pump your tire

You only need to fix your hose to transmit air to the tire. Your tire is ready to be inflated and to use your lawnmower correctly.

With these six steps, you can see how easy it is to change a mower tire. Don’t waste away any more time and try it. It will be spectacularly easy for you.

Step 7: Lower the mower

You will need to put the mower back in its place. You should not leave it with the jack on, much less the tire in the air. Place the jack under the frame and lift it until it supports the tractor. Then carefully remove it to lower the tractor to the ground.


With this quick guide on how to change a lawnmower tire, you won’t hesitate to do it yourself. There are six easy steps that we bring you so you can do it on your own. You won’t have to use long hours trying to finish this simple task. Try it! You will realize that it is easier than you think. You will not need more than a tire inflator and other materials totally accessible to you.




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