10 Best self-propelled lawn mower under 300 of 2020 – Updated!

Best self-propelled lawn mower under 300

Purchasing a lawnmower of high quality is a challenge to many people. Other people are onthe verge of giving up as a result of high budget mowers, yet their performance is at the lowest level. If you are such a kind of person one more time, please do not give up. High-quality mowers are still in the market. Probably, you did not get the right guidance before making the purchase. With this article, all things will get into order as far as lawn mowers are concerned.

It highlights the most exquisite mowers in the market that you can purchase at a wallet-friendly price. Also, I know with this long list, you might still get lost. Thus, a step further, there are highlights of the key factors that you should consider when purchasing a lawnmower. All the factors are well-discussed in detail to ensure that the purchasing process is quite simple. Moreover, if you got any questions all of them will get well-researched answers from an expert.

In this article, we choose some best mower which has great quality with affordable price. We select the budget 300 dollars. Which is the most convenient for lots of people.

So, let’s start our best self propelled lawn mower under 300.

Green works pro 21-inch 80v self-propelled cordless lawn mower

Green works have never been a source of the disappointment ofits customers due to wallet-friendly items they avail without compromising their quality. One of their most exquisite items is the green works pro 21-inch self-propelled cordless lawnmower.

This mower features a brushless motor that ensures fast cutting speed and a high level of efficiency.

Also, this outstanding mower can operate at a varying speed with elementary operations. It uses the load sensing technology that quickly detects a material and mows it at a fast speed.

  It has the most potent engine; thus, this mower has a peak performance. All its cuts are super clean and leave very tiny materials for fast decomposition.

To get this excellent machine, you do not require a huge budget. It has a wallet-friendly price and of high quality. Moreover, this machine is very resilient in constructing materials.

Thus, it withstands all the harsh conditions for longevity. It is exquisite that mows almost every material in its way. Therefore, you can trust it to clean your orchards and grasses.


  • It has a brushless motor for peak performance
  • Cuts at a superfast speed
  • Uses the smart cut load sensing technology
  • The constructing materials are sturdy
  • The mulch is 3-in-1 and has a side discharge
  • A powerful mower that cleans everything in its way
  • It has straightforward operation thus does not require an expert
  • It comes with a rear bag for storage
  • This machine can operate at a varying speed
  • The engine is quite powerful consequently it cuts at a fast speed
  • The charger is not included in the pack
  • Assembling of this tool takes a lot of time

Tips: It is a powerful mower that cuts everything with the most minimum cuts for fast decomposition. The construction materials are heavy-duty for durability.

Lawn-boy 17732 21-inch 6.5 gross torque Kohler

Cutting on steep areas may be challenging, especially if the tool is not brilliantly-constructed. However, if you require a mower for such areas here is a sturdy that will give you trouble-free working time.

The lawn-boy gross torque Kohler self-propelled lawnmower has an exquisite construction that makes it possible to trim steep lands without any troubles.

Nevertheless, this mower is a highly versatile tool with 3-in-1 discharge ability. It gives you the chance to choose between the bagging, side, or the mulching discharge. 

The dome deck is deep and of steel material for durability. As if that is not enough, the deep dome deck is 21-inch long to offer the superior mulching ability and promise a clean-cut always. Besides, the deck height is easily adjustable at a range of 2 points.

This tool is thoughtfully-crafted to make mowing an easier task. It is quite simple to handle and a lightweight machine, thus reducing the fatigue. All its operations are simple hence does not require any expertise. It is an outstandingly durable tool that offers very exceptional cuts.

It has a heavy-duty engine that sturdily equips it for fast cutting speeds. Nevertheless, the efficiency of this machine is quite high.


  • It has three different discharge capabilities
  • The engine is quite powerful for maximum efficiency
  • The bag of this mower has a large capacity
  • Comes with a two-year warranty
  • An extra light tool that is effortless to operate
  • This lawnmower has a heavy-duty engine
  • It cuts at a fast speed
  • Allows you to discharge though side, mulching or bagging
  • The constructing materials are very sturdy
  • It has a budget-friendly price
  • It may be hard to get the replacement parts of this mower

Tips: It is a highly recommendable mower that has a bag of large capacity. Besides, it has the peak performance and available at a budget-friendly price.

Craftsman 21-inch 3-in-1 FWD self-propelled lawnmower

If you require an exquisite lawn mower that has effortless operations, then you should try the craftsman high wheeled self-propelled lawnmower.

This machine has a quite powerful engine that has arecoil and auto choke system; consequently, it has trouble-free operations. To start, you will have you pull it with lesser force.

This exceptionally performing lawnmower has a diverse discharge system. It is a 3 in 1 mower that allows discharging through side, bagging or mulching. Also, remember it is a self-propelled mower, hence you will require lesser effort to move it in the entire compound.

Besides, this machine has an adjusting mechanism. Consequently, you can choose from 6 different height settings without any problems.

The front wheel of this machine has a brilliant construction for smooth movement in the terrains. Besides, the operations of this useful tool in mowing are elementary.

It is a dirt-resistant machine; thus, the cleaning process won’t take a long time. With the powerful motor and the engine this machine is highly efficient.


  • It has an auto choke and a recoil
  • The engine is quite powerful
  • Front wheels easily maneuver in all terrains
  • It has six different height adjusting settings
  • The operations are quite simple
  • Due to the recoil, the machine is quite easy to start
  • A powerful tool that offers very minimal cuts
  • Its body is quite sturdy for durability
  • Works in all terrains efficiently
  • It has three discharge capabilities
  • The cutting speed of this machine is not effective for large lands

Tips: It has an auto choke and recoil hence very simple to start this lawnmower. Besides, it is three discharge capabilities. The engine is quite powerful for maximum efficiency.

XTX OHV3-IN-1 discharge rear-wheeldrive

If you are looking for a machine that will work in all terrains, then this machine will serve you well. The lawn boy self-propelled lawnmower has a rear-wheel-drive system that is effective in effortless movements in hilly land.

Besides, it is a self-propelled lawnmower hence less force you will apply for an elegant cut in your compound.

Nevertheless, the power of this lawn mower engine is at a higher level. It is super powerful to offer very minimum cuts for fast decompositions.

Also, this machine has height adjustment settings; hence you can easily specify the cutting design. It is an exceptionally performing tool that has a higher torque.

The features of this machine are highly-enhanced to keep the performance of this machine to a higher level. Besides, it comes with a three-year warranty hence you can confidently give it a trial.

The discharge bag capacity is huge and quite simple to handle. This lawnmower has three discharge abilities which are quite simple and trouble-free.


  • Three discharge capabilities
  • A height adjustment setting which is straightforward
  • The engine is quite powerful
  • Rear-wheel drive system for all terrains
  • This tool can work in hilly places
  • It has a higher torque
  • Comes with a three-year warranty
  • Its prices are quite pocket-friendly
  • The disposal bag is pretty large
  • It is difficult to drag this tool backward

Tips: If you are looking for a machine to work in the hilly places, then you got one. This lawnmower has a rear-wheel-drive system to work in such places. With the three discharge abilities, the disposal bag is huge.

M105 140cc 21-inch 3-in-1

Have you ever tried a gas-powered lawnmower? If there was a persistent nod, then you are familiar with how those tools perform. However, if you haven’t tried, I will give you a glimpse of how these tools work.

A gas-powered tool is exceptionally powerful as a result; they always work at a high level of efficiency. When it comes to mowers, the gas-powered machines mow everything in their way.

An example of such a tool is the craftsman M105 140cc gas-powered push lawn mower with a bagger. In addition to its massive power, this machine has effective height adjustment settings.

The dual lever makes it possible to choose 6 various height settings easily. Also, it is essential to note that this tool has three different discharge abilities. The discharge abilities include the rear discharge, mulching abilities, and side discharge.

Moreover, this tool is sharply-constructed to last forever. It has zag treaded tires, which are 7 inches on the front side and 8 inches thick in the backside. Thus, they can easily withstand constant friction.

Moreover, this machine has the recoil and auto choke system. As a result, you require less force to start. A slight pull and the machine will start immediately.


  • It has a recoil and auto choke
  • Also, it has the mulching abilities
  • The deck is 21 inch for fast grass trimming
  • Height adjustments settings
  • Requires a slight pull to start
  • It allows side and rear discharge
  • The wheels have zag tires for longevity
  • It comes with a bagger
  • The handle folds down for storage
  • It requires assembly before using
  • The gas tank capacity is small

Tips: If you need a machine that will use a slight pull to start, then this machine will be relevant. Also, its engineering guarantees resilience against friction thus very durable.

Green works 16-inch 40v cordless lawn mower, 4.0AH

Here is a low budget mower that does not compromise its working standards. Green works cordless lawn mower is an item of the excellent renown Green Works manufacturers that has a pocket-friendly price.

It still amazes how the manufacturers manage with such a price without lowering the working standards of the machine. It uses the lion’s battery which lasts longer for long hour jobs. Besides, its recharging time is quite short thus a reliable tool.

This machine has the rear bagging and mulching capabilities. It is a single lever tool that allows you to cut at five various cutting heights. Besides, the height adjustment system is quiet simple thus a straightforward machine.

The front wheel is 6 inches thick while the rear wheel is 7 inches thick to ensure that this machine can maneuver quickly in your compound.

The engine is quite powerful; thus, this tool can cut all types of grasses. Besides, all its wheels are of sturdy constructing materials to promise resilience in harsh conditions.

The package comes with a battery and a charger. Therefore, you will not incur an extra cost. The repair parts of this machine are available in the market; hence you can quickly get them.


  • The front wheel is 6 inches thick while the rear wheel is 7 inches thick
  • Height adjustment range is wide
  • It has a powerful engine that mows everything on the way
  • This lawnmower uses lions battery
  • Its price is pocket-friendly
  • Do not require massive force to start
  • The package comes with charger and battery
  • The constructing design makes it maneuver quickly in the compound
  • The repair parts are easily accessible
  • This self-propelled lawnmower requires assembly

Tips: It is an exceptionally performing tool t that you can get at a low budget. Also, its engine is super powerful; hence this lawnmower cuts all types of grass. The wheels are thick to offer resilience in harsh conditions.

3in1 front-wheel drive mower with 159cc OHV engine

The troy-bilt self-propelled lawn mower is a highly recommendable tool that has the traction cutting system. This system consists of a rake bumper for lifting the grass upright.

It also has a symmetrical deck for a greater level of mulching. It is a handy tool when it comes to a perfect manicure to the grass. Besides, this tool operation is quite simple and straightforward.

When it comes to a height adjustment, this lawnmower has dual lever adjusting settings. Consequently, you can choose different cutting designs with various height settings.

Nonetheless, the height adjusting settings are quite simple.  The troy bilt mower also has the deck wash adaptor for the fast cleaning process of the mower.

This tool is a 3-in 1 item. It has the mulching capabilities, side discharge, and rear discharge. It is a super powerful tool with a very sturdy body for longevity.

Nevertheless, it comes with a bushel rear bag that collects all the grass droppings. It has the auto choke system thus it only requires a slight amount of force to start.


  • It has triaction cutting system
  • An auto choke tool for fast operations
  • The height adjustment system with a wide range
  • Its body is quite sturdy
  • This tool has mulching capabilities
  • It has a rake bumper that lifts the grass upright
  • The deck is symmetrical for a higher flow of grass
  • Deck wash adaptor for the fast cleaning process
  • No color variant

Tips: This lawnmower has the auto choke system for a fast start. It also comes with a bushel rear bag that collects all the grass crippling’s for fast composting. It has atriaction cutting system.

M310 163cc Brigg & Stratton 725 exi 21-inch 3-in-1 RWD

Craftsman Brigg and Stratton self-propelled lawnmower is an excellent tool that will be handy in providing a flawless cut to the grass.

It has a powerful engine that is sturdily-equipped with recoil for fast and easy starting of the machine. It also has a handy rear wheel that has the mulching and rear discharge abilities.

The deck, which is 21 inches wide, it allows you to mow in more extensive regions with fewer passes. Its handle is very ergonomic for comfort and durability. Besides, it has a wide range of height adjustment settings.

The body of this tool is of very strong materials which are a guarantee of the durability of the tool. Besides their construction of expert-level for comfort.

The rear wheels of this elegantly-constructed lawn mower is of zag treading for durability and to enable it easily maneuver in long grasses.

The price of this lawn mower is quite wallet-friendly and its repair parts are easily accessible. Besides, it comes with a full two-year warranty. It comes with a deck washer to save on the cleaning time and easier maintenance of the tool.


  • Zag treading wheels for fast maneuverability
  • It is a gas-powered lawnmower
  • It can operate at a variable speed
  • Six height adjusting settings
  • Recoil for easy starting
  • This tool can operate in hilly areas
  • A powerful tool that mows everything
  • It has a rake bumper that lifts the grass
  • The deck saves on the cleaning time
  • It does not propel in the opposite direction

Tips: This tool comes with a deck washer to save on cleaning time. Besides, it is a gas-powered lawnmower hence very powerful. Its body is of very sturdy constructing materials to promise durability.

Power Smart DB8620 20-inch 3-in-1 196cc red/black

Also, power smart gas self-propelled mower is another tool that will guarantee excellent results from your hard labor.

It is a gas-powered tool hence very powerful for heavy cuttings. Besides, it has a sturdy engine that keeps its efficiency at a higher level and a higher torque. It is a tool of lightweight in comparison to others of its standards.

This lawnmower has a compact design for stress-free storage. It spreads the grass to the side consequently returning the nutrients to your lawn for healthier grass.

It has eight height adjusting settings to cut grasses of different lengths. With the power smart technology, you got the assurance that this tool has very straightforward operations.

The deck has a deep dome design for enhancement on the mulching abilities. Moreover, it has a side discharge and rear discharge. Its wheels have a magnificent construction for fast movements and durability.


  • It is a gas-powered tool hence powerful
  • The wheels are of a durable material
  • A compact design for trouble-free storage
  • The deck has a deep dome design
  • The wheels facilitate fast movements
  • The mulching capabilities are at a higher level
  • The collection bag is quite large
  • It has eight height adjusting settings
  • It does not have grip tires thus not good for hills

Tips: The deck is of steel material for durability. Also, it has a compact design that makes the storage stress free. It is a gas-powered tool hence very powerful to cut thicker grasses.

MOBOL410 pro 80v 21-inch brushless lawnmower

Getting a tool that uses the latest technology is an assurance that its operations are straightforward. An example of such a tool is the green works brushless self-propelled lawnmower.

This fantastic tool uses smart cut technology that increases the speed of the blade. Consequently, that tool has a fast cutting speed.

Nevertheless, it is a 3 in 1 lawnmower. It has the mulching abilities with a very large collection bag. Besides, there also the rear discharge and side discharge.

A brushless motor is a very effective part of this lawnmower. It raises the torque of this machine and increases its longevity.

This machine operates in a quiet environment. The deck is very durable and wide to handle large areas effortlessly. Also, the body of this tool is of very sturdy materials to withstand the harsh conditions.


  • A brushless motor
  • The deck is large and durable
  • Large collection bag
  • Uses the smart cut technology
  • It has a fast cutting speed
  • Its construction promise longevity
  • A highly efficient tool with higher torque
  • It has the height adjusting settings

Tips: It operates in a salient mode with a durable and large deck to effortlessly handle the large areas. It has a brushless motor that increases its efficiency and the torque.

Buying Guide: How to Purchase A High-Quality Lawn

Nothing is demotivating, like spend it long tiresome hours doing tasks only to get poor results.  Most of the time, we tend to blame our skills which is not always true.  Do you know that the quality of the Tool you will be using determines the results of your labor? I if you know that you will never compromise on the quality of the tool that you will be purchasing.

When it comes to lawnmowers, things are not different; they only get to a higher level.  A mower is a heavy-duty tool that should always perform at a peak level.  If you require such an excellent performing tool, there are key aspects that you should put into consideration.  Read the next section to know what you should look for in your lawnmower.


When it comes to heavy-dutytools, the motor is a vital part if the tool.  To confirm if the tool will promise a peak performance, ensure that the motor is super studied to provide maximum efficiency and higher torque.  Moreover, the engine of the tool should also be very sturdy.  A powerful engine provides a fast cutting speed and also a minimum cut for fast decomposition.


Cost is critical in every item that you plan to purchase. Fortunately, as a result of the immense inventions and innovations, you can easily get a lawnmower at an affordable price. It is not a secret that the price tag of the tool might determine the quality of the mower. Consequently, an extremely low price can act as a red flag to a poor performing lawnmower.

It sensitizes the reason why you should have much information about the lawnmower that you will get with your hard-earned dollars. In the list given above, it consists of some of the tools that will not stretch your wallet and still features a peak performance and durability.


Lawnmowers are likely to be exposed to very harsh conditions. Thus the construction materials should be very strong. Besides, the constructing materials should promise durability.

Nevertheless, the lawnmowers knife will require sharpening after some time. Therefore, the material of the blade-depletes after some time. As a precaution ensure that the blade is thick enough to take long before it completely wastes.

Replacement parts

As much as you will purchase a high-quality lawnmower, at a certain instance, you might require a replacement part. For example, when the blade diminishes after regular polishing, you will have to replace it. Imagine if the replacement part is not available in the market. As a consequence, you might have to purchase a new lawnmower or keep the unhelpful tool in the store. I am quite sure that is not the reason why you had to spend your money. Thus, always ensure that the replacement parts of the lawnmower you choose to purchase are available in the market at a pocket-friendly price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is a lawnmower?

A lawnmower is a heavy-duty machine that uses constantly revolving blades to cut off long grasses on even ground. The personnel operating the tool can change the cutting design. In most of the lawnmowers, the blades are manually-powered and the blades connected to the wheels for continuous spinning force.

  • What is the use of a lawnmower?

A lawnmower is commonly used to cut grasses on even heights. The operations of the mower might require a little expertise. However, that should not scare you. The lawnmowers come with expert-written manuals that can guide you in operation and setting processes.

  • How much does a lawnmower cost?

You do not require a huge budget to purchase a lawnmower. All you require is a precise plan on how you will earn the mower. The lawnmowers cost averagely $500. Also, with the tremendous upgrades in the manufacturing industry, you will not fail to get a high-quality lawnmower at a lower price.

  • Can I connect a lawnmower to a tractor?

A lawn can work with a tractor without any problems. Mowers connect to the tractor through the power take-off shaft. Thus, you can connect your mower to the tractor to simplify the task and also to increase the working speed.

  • How can I get a high-quality lawnmower?

Getting a high-quality lawn mower that has peak performance is quite easy. Do you doubt my words? If you say yes, let me give you the reason. First, high-quality lawn movers are already in the market, so your only work is how to identify it. As I said distinguishing an original lawnmower from the counterfeit is simple. In this article, there are samples of powerful lawnmowers that cuts everything in their way. Besides, there is also the buyer’s guide that highlights the factors that you should regard when purchasing your tool to cut the grasses, branches or the vines.


This manual contains all the details that you should purchase a high-quality mower. The details consist of the factors that you should put into consideration when purchasing a lawnmower. For example, if you will be cutting materials of different lengths, you will require a lawnmower with the height adjustment mechanism. Also, for heavy materials, you will get some mowers which have a super-powerful engine for maximum efficiency.

Moreover, there are highlights of the best self-propelled lawn mowers in the market. All these items feature exquisite construction. The construction materials are heavy-duty to promise the durability of the lawnmowers. Besides, if you think you will require a lot of cash to purchase this peak performing mowers, you are in for a ruder shock. Most of the highlighted lawn mowers have a pocket-friendly price.

A step, further this article gives expert answers to the frequently asked questions. You can go through this section to not only get answers to your questions but also to learn more about lawnmowers. This article is as a result of intensive research on the lawnmowers thus you can confidently trust it to be your guide during the search process of the best self-propelled mowers.