14 Tips For Planning A Garden Wedding

Among the most memorable events in your life is your wedding day. It is a day that you work tooth and nail to ensure that it is the most colorful ever to keep it clinging in your minds. But do you know the venue you choose for your wedding determines the level of awesomeness of your event? A well-decorated place with some well-maintained green pastures will always leave the wedding beautiful. Where can you get the fantastic pastures? Can you be able to maintain a place just for a single day? The preceding questions explain why you should have your wedding in a garden wedding.

Garden wedding is a fantastically set aside areas that aim at ensuring that your wedding is the most colorful ever. Do you want to know why I suggest a garden wedding? What are the advantages of a garden wedding? If the highlighted questions are raising your curiosity then this article gets all your troubles sorted. This article gives highlights the importance of having a garden wedding. Further, it gives you the factors that you should put into consideration when choosing the perfect garden wedding for your D-day.

Advantages Of A Wedding Garden

Having a garden wedding is the wisest decision you can ever make for your wedding. Coming to such a conclusion ensures that you have a thrilling moment any time that specific day clings to your day. It gives beautiful sites of having your pictures, among many advantages. To ensure that you come to this conclusion comfortably, here is a discussion on the advantages of having a garden wedding.

You Gave An Intimate Atmosphere

A wedding garden provides a very cool atmosphere and a very serene environment for your wedding. Your guest is likely to feel more relaxed compared to being in a very cold church.

You Can Easily Find The Right Size Of The Garden

Gardens are available at very many sizes hence you can find the size that you require. For example, if you will be inviting only 50 guests the church may feel empty which may encourage boring sessions. What should you do to avoid such dull periods? You got the solution, find the garden of the most appropriate size to accommodate the esteemed guest.

Built-In Features

Do you require a gazebo or a trellis for your wedding? Do you need beautifully decorated sceneries for photo taking? I am very sure that you require all this for that day. Then pick a wedding garden that has all those inbuilt features to ensure that you have a very breathtaking wedding.

An Amazing Comfort For Your Guest

Do I have to explain this? The key thing that you should ensure is kept in observation at your wedding is the comfortableness of the guest. A perfectly relaxed space for the guest ensures they are lively, thus a very lively wedding.  What do you expect from a guest who has to walk over hills in the compound wedding? Imagine if the unbalanced chair as a result of uneven ground. Such issues will make your guest uncomfortable thus the necessity of a garden for the wedding.

A Readily Available Reception

Having a garden wedding gives a very available reception, thus no need to look for another facility. When transiting to the reception the guests can continue enjoying the beauty of the sceneries. Implying that you got all you require in a single place therefore at all cost you should for the best wedding garden in your area.

Splendid Pictures

Remember the beautiful sceneries at the garden wedding. Imagine having fancy pictures that you will always be proud of when showing you future kids?  The flowing springs, the well-made fountains, beautifully shaped flower gardens and many more features in a garden wedding will ensure you got lifetime photos

Enjoy The Favors Of Mother Nature

Who is willing to be in a stuffy hall that is full without a place for an insect to rest? What about the beautiful glaring rays of sun with fresh air outside the hall, yet you are finding it hard to remove even the extra clothing? Keeping your guests in such a place will make them leave even before the event is over. Get a fantastically decorated garden to let the guest take advantage of the cool breeze as they enjoy the intimate atmosphere of your wedding.

A Cheaper Cost Of Doing Decorations

A wedding garden is set aside to ensure that your wedding is the best. What do you expect from a garden set for such a special event? Your guess was super correct. These areas are special-designed and perfectly-decorated to ensure that you have a very beautiful scenery for the wedding. Therefore you will incur a low cost of doing any decorations if you will find them necessary. However, in most cases, they provide sufficient decorations that are far beyond what you require.

Disadvantages Of A Wedding Garden

From the above section, it is evident that a garden wedding has multiple advantages ranging from fulfilling your joy to the joy of the guest. However, it has also some cons that will make you find them unfavorable for the occasion. Nevertheless, the disadvantages of garden weddings are very insignificant compared to the results of choosing them as your venues. Therefore they should never act as a hindrance to a wedding garden. The disadvantages of a garden wedding include;

No Control Over The Weather

Having a garden wedding implies that you will get probably outdoor activity. Therefore any mishaps from extreme weather conditions will cause very adverse effects on the day. Hence it brings up the burden of giving the climatic condition a priority when setting the day.

Set Guidelines

After settling for a garden wedding, you will be forced to go per the guidelines. Some guidelines may be restrictions on some of the activities. For example, some of the sites are alcohol-free hence you can’t buy alcoholic drinks for the guest. Also, some sites may limit the level of noise coming from your occasion.

Sound Loss

An open site may hinder sounds of the sound equipment from reaching to all guest. Therefore some of the guests will miss speeches or any ceremony announcements.

Costly And Harder To Book

Most of the weddings take place during the summer season. Due to the huge number in this season, you may find it to spot a garden that had not been booked earlier. Also, the prices get higher during the summer season. Therefore you will incur huge renting costs due to the high demand for the site.


Your wedding day is very crucial. Thus you should work tirelessly to ensure that it is the best day in your entire life. Try to avoid any interruptions that may be a misfortune to the guest. As a precaution choose to have a wedding garden that will earn you an endless list of advantages. It will give an intimate atmosphere for the couple and a loose environment for the guest. The best of all, you will have very beautiful sceneries and a perfect size to accommodate the guest.

As the mastermind 0f the wedding you are in a position to choose the perfect size for the guest to avoid emptiness or an overstuffed place. A garden wedding has readily decorated waterfalls, fountains, and many more beautiful sceneries that can be good for photo taking. However, with those go for advantages, you will face some challenges after settling for it.

With the outdoor activity, you will not have control over the harsh climatic conditions such as unplanned rainfall. Also, you will incur a good amount of dollars due to the high demand for the sites. Nevertheless, a garden wedding is the best pathways to guarantee a very colorful wedding

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